8 Health Tech Startups you Should Know About

As a traditional, bureaucratic, and paper-ridden industry, healthcare has greatly benefited from the recent tech innovation. In fact, health tech companies received over $9 billion in venture funding in 2014, three times more compared to the last three years combined. From special wearable medical devices to cloud based healthcare solutions, the niche is not only on the rise, but actually improving patients health and saving lives.

Here are 8 new health tech startups you should know about and watch in 2015.

1. Flatiron

Flatiron is the first cloud-based data solution for the oncology industry that aggregates clinical and financial data in real time. The app helps create and organize e-medical records, offers special analytical tools for deeper medical and business insights, helps finding clinical candidates across the country, tackles billing, and provides patients with direct access to all their data to take active role in their care.

2. Zipnosis

Zipnosis is a mobile and desktop app where you can get a diagnosis and treatment suggestions for minor health problems. Now you can have access to your MD straight from your phone 7 days a week from 8 am till 8 pm. Setting an online appointment will cost you $25 paid either with your credit card or health savings card. All prescriptions are sent instantly afterwards.

3. Trackmystack

Trackmystack is a new personal healthcare service to help you get better insights about your well-being, eliminate stress, and deal with sleeping problems. It helps you keep track of your daily ration, analyzes your habits, set and accomplish health goals. Yet most importantly, it helps you shift towards a better diet and choose the right supplements your body needs.

4. Breakthrough

Breakthrough is a one of a kind platform that offers online mental healthcare. The portal helps users find a suitable therapist and set up private sessions without leaving their home. All the doctors are carefully screened before approved for patients, plus you can always browse through reviews and set up a trial session to decide whether this specialist is right for you.

5. Neumitra

Neumitra is a new wearable technology aimed at analyzing, measuring and managing brain health. The biowatch they developed measures autonomic nervous system as accurately as clinical research equipment on a day-to-day basis and proved to gain comprehensive data on the link between daily brain health and performance.  So far, the technology helped identify the connection between bruxism and stress levels and suggest effective treatment.

6. TidePool

TidePool has developed an open source app to help users manage type 1 diabetes with a variety of software, integrated tools, and apps a patient, clinician, or researcher could use to their benefit. The technology is 100% non-profit and still at the process of development.

7.  SkinVision

SkinVision was developed to help users identify and prevent skin cancer on early stages. With this app you can check and track your moles over time. Free to use, the app encourages you to take a photo of a mole and get a recommendations from SkinVision team e.g. to keep tracking at an easy pace, to check up the mole more frequently, or to consult with a doctor. The app also features a great selection of UV exposure advice.

8.  Mira

Mira is an amazing software program that uses medically approved games to boost rehab for patients overcoming serious injuries and post-surgery recovery. The program transforms existing rehabilitation exercises into video games and uses a sensor to track and assess patient compliance. Get healthier and have fun at the same time!

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