How Triggered Emails Will Help Increase Holiday Sales

The holidays are upon us, and all the digital retailers are relying on email marketing to establish connections with their clients. They are hiring the sharpest copywriters and marketers to design and plan their email marketing campaigns. However, all digital marketers do not leverage the massive power of triggered emails.

The logic is simple – your marketing team devises a business logic, the email software vendor automates it, and you’ve got yourself a neat little sales and marketing system that’s ready to run on auto-pilot. Before that, let’s tell you how you can amplify your store’s sales through triggered emails.

Mitigate the Beating of Abandoned Carts

There are dozens of reasons why people abandon their shopping carts. These reasons include realization of unforeseen shipping and taxation fees, lack of trust with the website (for first purchases), total cart value shooting over set budget, desire to do another price search among other retailers, etc. Whatever the reason is, it means a delayed or even lost sale to your business.

This is where triggered emails come to the rescue; you can define an event such as ‘log out with unpaid cart items’ as a trigger for your deftly worded ‘abandoned cart reminder’ email. Advanced email marketing tools like Salesloft Email Tracker  help you plan sophisticated abandoned-cart email reminders; for instance, you can plan to send a couple of reminder emails, and if there’s no purchase action from the user, you can send a 10% discount coupon motivating the customer to shop within a fixed period of time.

Leverage Triggered Emails to Maximize CLV by Reengaging Customers

With so much of competition, and a never ending price war among online retailers, it’s really hard for digital marketers to extract appreciable CLVs (Customer Lifetime Values) out of their existing shoppers. In order to keep the cash flow statements healthy, recurring purchases from existing customers is a must-have for any web store. Strong sales are the source for continued working capital, that’s where you fund your employee salaries and stock purchasing from. So, be focused on not letting customers switch to competitors. You can do this by staying relevant, and right in the mind-space of shoppers. Targeted emails can seal the deal for your online business here. Use your business acumen to define the right events that should trigger your customer reengagement emails. Here are some pointers –

  • Space your reengagement emails smartly, lest they force your user to unsubscribe
  • Plant a value proposition in your emails, example – ‘new products added’, ‘stick clearance sale’
  • Plug in a personalized coupon to give another reason for your disengaged shopper to make a purchase
  • Crunch data related to his/her previous purchases, match them to your store’s product catalog, identify top 5 products he/she might be interested in, and add thumbnail views of the same in your email

Triggered Emails Helping Drive Revenues Through Cross Sales

Diversified online shopping stores have a lot to gain from devising cross-selling strategies. Especially in markets where costs of customer acquisitions are high, costs of switching for customers are meagre, and product differentiation is not a driver of competitive advantage, the revenues need to be pushed through upselling and cross-selling. Surprisingly, targeted emails are not utilized to their fullest potential by even the most progressive and technologically empowered digital retailers.

  • If your shopper has purchased a hot pair of denim jeans, why not send him an email with a neat 5% off on a pair of matching rugged boots?
  • Just sold a laptop? Why let your shopper go elsewhere for all the accessories shopping?

This is where you need to marry your data analytics and email marketing teams. Find related purchase patterns from all your store’s sales, create fine-tuned rules in terms of what product category gets explored subsequent to a particular product purchase, personalize the cross-sale product proposal based on individual shopper, and fit the info in your triggered email, spaced at a couple of days from the delivery of the first product.

The Key To Successful Triggered Emails Campaigns – Personalization

Digital retailers and marketers would do well to remember that triggered emails are just the separated pieces of a puzzle; you need to bind them with the glue called ‘personalization’.

A study conducted by Experian Marketing Services revealed some astonishing statistics related to how personalization of triggered emails led to substantial improvements in vital KPIs.

  • Average email open rates soared by 25%
  • Transaction rates doubled, increasing from 0.25% to 0.62%.
  • Revenue per email increased by more than 60%
  • Unique clicks increased from 4% to 6.7%.

Right from adding customer name in the subject line of your email, to analyzing his/her purchase history to suggest meaningful new purchases, personalization is what triggers action, and makes your triggered emails lead to more sales.

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