How to Create a Killer Resume With ChatGPT in 6 Simple Steps

Let AI do all the hard work and help you with your job search, with these essential ChatGPT resume tips.

ChatGPT is a versatile, time-saving tool that has been helping businesses in numerous ways since its launch in 2022. So, it should come as no surprise that ChatGPT can also assist with one of the most widely deplored professional tasks – building a resume.

Whether you feel uncomfortable writing about your strengths and accolades or simply don’t have the time to write a tailored resume for each job you apply for, using ChatGPT can be a great way to jumpstart the writing process, or give your existing document a bit of a makeover.

If you’re interested in using AI to streamline your job search, we outline how the chatbot can be used to create a resume that stands out from the crowd. We also include prompt examples and screenshots from ChatGPT, to guide you along every step of the process.

Create a Competitive Resume With ChatGPT in 6 Simple Steps

Writing or updating a resume with ChatGPT is simple, as long as you know what you’re doing. Follow the steps below to create a resume, tailored to the job you’re interested in.

  1. Gather your information
  2. Open ChatGPT and craft your first prompt
  3. Enter your personal experience
  4. Enter information about the job description
  5. Enter information about the hiring company
  6. Edit and refine your resume

1. Gather your information

Before you even open ChatGPT, we recommend having all of your important information at hand. This will prevent you from switching between tabs when crafting your prompt, and will also make it easier for you to refine your resume in later stages.

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The type of information you prepare will depend on you and the position you are applying for. However, as a general rule of thumb, we recommend covering the following categories.

  • Contact details – This will include your mobile number, professional email, and address if relevant
  • Education – Write down your education history, including the names of the institutions you studied at, your majors or subjects, your grades, the dates of graduation, and any other relevant information.
  • Work experience – If you have one, make sure you have a copy of your current resume to hand. If not, compile information from your previous jobs, including your responsibilities, and information about the companies.
  • Certifications – If you have any certifications or qualifications that are relevant to your role, or make you seem like more of a credible candidate, gather this information and think about how these achievements can be leveraged to improve your hiring potential
  • Skills – This is a good time to summarise your best hard and soft skills too. However, be as specific as possible and make sure you only write down skills that relate to your prospective role.

2. Open ChatGPT and craft your first prompt

Once all your information is at hand, open ChatGPT and create an account if you haven’t already. Then, craft an introductory prompt requesting ChatGPT to build you a resume. We’d also recommend asking the chatbot to avoid using overused or cliche terms in your opening prompt to prevent your resume from looking like a carbon copy.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here’s an example prompt:

I am writing a resume and I need your help. You are going to act as a professional resume writer, and are going to avoid using cliche terms. Do you understand?

After you’ve entered this prompt, ChatGPT will ask you for your following experience.

3. Enter your personal experience

Now it’s time to make your resume personal. Use all the information you compiled in the first step, and feed it into your next prompts for ChatGPT. You have two options here. You can either paste your entire current resume into ChatGPT or highlight the most important bits in the prompt, to keep things succinct.

Here’s an example of a prompt you could create below. We chose to break the prompt into different chunks but feel free to format the input how you like.

I am going to give you my personal information so you can make sure the resume reflects my personal experience and qualifications. I am a [Insert Current Job Title), with a degree in [Insert Course] from [Insert Name of Institition], which I graduated from in [Insert graduation date] with a [Insert Your Final Grade].

Since graduating, I’ve worked as a [Insert Previous Position] for [Insert Name of Previous Company] between [Insert Dates]. My main responsibilities at GoodContent included [Insert Main Responsibilities]. In my current role in [Insert Name of Current Company], I [Insert Current Responsibilities].

I have a number of hard and soft skills including [List Skills]. I also have a certification in [Insert Certifications]. Write my resume.

4. Enter information about the job description

Unless you’re creating a multi-purpose resume that you’re planning to tailor to specific job descriptions down the line, this is a good time to add more context about the job you’re planning to apply for. You can do this by simply pasting the job description into the chatbot, as we did in the example prompt below.

I am applying for a job as a [Insert Job Title]. I am going to provide you with the job description I am going to apply for. Can you read this carefully? [Insert Full Job Description]

For best practice, we’d recommend including as much information in this step as possible. However, if some details in the job description don’t apply to you as much as others, you can choose to leave these out.

5. Enter information about the hiring company

To make sure your resume is as targeted as possible, you should enter more information about the company itself next.

We’d start by telling ChatGPT exactly what you’re going to do. Let it know you’re going to be providing it with more information about the company that’s hiring, and then enter basic information about the company, including its name and core function. You can also paste information from the ‘About Us’ page on the company’s website, to make your prompt as rich as possible. Use the example prompt below for inspiration.

Now I’m going to provide you with more information on the company that’s hiring, so you can make sure my resume is tailored to their pain points and hiring needs. The company name is [Insert Name of Company] and their central mission is as follows: [Insert More Informatio About the Company].

The website’s about you page is as follows: [Insert Company’s ‘About Us’ Page]

6. Edit and refine your resume

After completing these steps, ChatGPT will have created a rough resume for you. While it may look decent, now is a good time to give it a read over, and identify areas that could be improved upon.

  • Edit the format – ChatGPT can only generate text outputs, so you’ll have to format the resume yourself. The way you format the document is up to you, but for scannability purposes, make sure all the key information is bullet-pointed.
  • Use active tense – Ensure your resume uses the active tense as much as possible, especially when speaking about your current work experience. This will make you appear more confident, and will grab the attention of the reader.
  • Check the content – ChatGPT does a good job of building a resume based on the content you provide. However, if you think the resume should place more emphasis on certain experiences or skills, don’t be afraid to craft new prompts to achieve this.
  • Watch out for generic language – ChatGPT has a habit of creating generic-sounding responses. To make sure your resume has a human touch, comb through the copy and substitute cliche, or frilly terms with something less formulaic.
  • Add contact details – Once you’re happy with the result, add the personal contact details you prepared in the first step.
  • Choose a template – Paste the ChatGPT-created resume into a template of your choice. Make sure that this template is appropriate for the industry that you are applying within, and avoid models that are too stylized and complicated. If you don’t want to pay for a template, you can choose a free one with platforms like Canva and Indeed.

Consider Using a Dedicated AI Resume Builder

ChatGPT does an excellent job at creating resumes, especially if you’re armed with useful tips and tried-and-tested prompts. Also, a massive perk of the platform is that it’s completely free to use too, which is a huge boon if you’re looking to save money during the job search.

However, if you’re willing to invest in your professional future, AI-enabled resume builders let you create and edit resumes in even fewer steps, and offer far more useful features than ChatGPT. Most AI resume builders will ask you to input your qualifications and experience, and then take care of everything else, saving the hassle of entering different prompts.

Aside from generating and refining text, lots of AI resume builders format and design your document too, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. After researching the best options on the market, we decided that Zety Resume Builder is the best due to its impressive range of templates and intuitive “final summary” feature.

There are loads of great pieces of software to choose from, though. Compare the best platforms in our guide to the best free and paid resume builders.

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