How to Increase Productivity with a Standing Desk

Every cool office has at least one standing desk, right? But standing desks are far more than just a fashion choice – they change the way that you and your body work in positive ways. The only problem is the price…which is why we made this guide to help out. Here are the advantages of getting a standing desk for your next office, and what models are worth looking into!

Benefits of a Standing Desk

  • Health: The jury is still out on the overall health impacts of a standing desk (their effect on ankles, for example), but they certainly help prevent the health problems of sitting down all the time. Sitting for long periods of time leads to a host of medical issues, affecting everything from blood pressure to digestion in negative ways. One solution is to get up and move around often, but a standing desk solves the problem while letting you continue with work.
  • Weight: Guess what burns more calories, sitting or standing? Even the small movements of shifting your weight can help you burn more calories throughout the day and keep yourself trim. If you want even more benefits, then consider a desk treadmill, which is designed to work with standing desks.
  • Mobility: Standing desks are generally better for mobility than sitting desks, both when it comes to mobile devices and to generally moving around. This is useful when you have a project that has multiple physical and digital pieces (graphic design, architecture, etc.) and you need to move easily between them.
  • Space Management: Most standing desks make better use of space than traditional desks. They can be easily set up by shelves, in odd corners, and in other spots where you wouldn’t think of using a desk (those desk chairs can take up a lot of room). This is great for open plan offices, and allows you to utilize space in a home office more effectively, too.
  • Collaboration: Do you have employees or teams that need to regularly meet up, even for quick tasks? Standing desks will be more effective in these situations, encouraging more face-to-face visits across the office.

The Best Standing Desks for a New Office

What standing desks should you consider? Looking through today’s options is a great way to get a price headache, because most models sell for well over $1,000 each – and that’s a tough proposition when stocking your first office space. So let us make things easier by suggesting some of the best standing desks around…that you can still find room for in your budget.

Actio Standing Desk


Price: $1,500

We included Actio because their desks are all about customization – which helps offset the price a bit. If all you need is one really, really good standing desk, then Actio is a smart way to go because you can choose color, size, and an array of potential features from grommet holes and surge protectors to keyboard trays. Desk materials include warm bamboo plywood and the always cool aluminum. A base model starts at around $1,500 so it’s slightly more expensive, but after testing this product, we definitely recommend it.

Kangaroo Pro


Price: $500

The Kangaroo Pro is a desk augmentation product by Ergo that turns a traditional desk into a standing desk with an extra platform. It’s great for saving money and staying healthier, but not so much for space management. The platform is adjustable and includes space for your keyboard and mouse as well as brackets for a monitor. Prices start at $500.



Price: $400

StandDesk is literally built on the idea of an affordable standing desk. The materials may not be ultra eco-friendly, and it may not come equipped with lots of extras, but this standing desk starts at only $400 and still includes handy electronic controls for adjust your position. If you are looking for multiple, efficient standing desks at a good price, this is the place to start.

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