Learn from the Instagram Strategies of These 4 Kids Fashion Brands

Parents notice everything. When you become a parent you notice pretty much everything that is even remotely related to your child. Sort of like when you buy a new car and then all of the sudden everyone else has the same car, because you are paying attention to your surroundings. As the husband of an Instagram Addict, I am subjected to all forms of Instagram barrages after we put our two sons to bed. “Honey, look at how cute this outfit is”. “Babe, check this out, the boys would look so cute in these matching jump suits”. Guys, you probably know what I mean.

So the other night, she showed me an outfit from a kids fashion company called Fabletics.  My wife and I both use their service because, well we like to work out and our gym doesn’t like when I show up in my underwear.  I also like to have things delivered to my door and never have to leave my house, that’s why Amazon 1-Click is my best friend.

So, back to the four companies whose cuteness, cleverness and overall amazingness will drive you into social media management envy. It’s definitely an interesting niche category, but the Instagram strategies pursued by the following four companies are great examples of the power of Instagram for inspiring and pushing consumer behavior.

Jonas Paul Eyewear

The absolute coolest kids glasses I have seen.  As a glasses wearer since I was 5th grade I had some really crazy looking glasses.  There wasn’t even a market for “Cool Kids Glasses”.  It was more like, “Hey do you want to actually see the chalk board in school?”  My answer was no, not really.  But I had to wear them anyway.  Their little kid models are seriously the cutest little things ever.  They look like little Gap Kids meets Burberry and hipster wrapped into one.  All the pictures on their feed and the ones the company posts are taken from what appears to be professional photography equipment which is why I ranked them at the top of the list. The quality of the photos and the design of the overall feel of their Instagram account is seriously underrated.


These guys are seriously trendy, and on point.  They described their brand as being for the
“off beat cool kids”.  Their overall feel of their Instagram feed as well as their website makes their statement a cohesive fact.  It’s slightly hipster, slightly hippie and cute kiddo wear.  They have older kids stuff, but since my boys are 18 months and almost 4, well I paid attention to those ages most.  Their Comfy pants as they call them make me want to get adult sized versions.  My dudes will look awesome in those when they come in the mail!

Nico Nico Clothing

I love the aesthetics of the overall Instagram Campaign.  They have great lighting, off beat funny pictures like the Storm Trooper Photo.  Their pictures tell a story.  Little kids like stories, adults like stories, and Nico Nico’s Instagram tells a story of where, and how kids would use their clothing in the real world. From snuggling with mommy and reading a book to hiking red rocks.  I love that narrative.

Geo Fox Apparel

This one uses great filters for their shares. Not necessarily pro quality photos, but they are all well done and use the filter options in Instagram really well to shade their storyline.  Their clothing is fun, quirky and is clothing that I can see my DUDELIFE wearing.  Some of their boys clothing reminds me of my skateboarding days with the slightly baggy pants, and grundy beanie and graphic t shirt. However, it looks absolutely cute as heck on a 4 year old, I never looked that good in it at 14.

There are lots of great companies for kids doing amazing things on social these days.  Maybe some day I will have to start my own clothing company for kids.

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