5 iPad Apps for B2B Sales Success

In the new innovative age of B2B sales, sales teams are constantly looking for new ways to optimize the way B2B business is done. With the influx of iPad apps available in the app store, it can be difficult to narrow down your search for apps actually worth your time to download.

While the job of the salesperson remains imperative, even in a time where B2B is shifting to online and self-service platforms, the role is definitely adapting to roll with the times. One aspect that consistently remains the same is the sales rep’s need for convenience, and flexibility for their fast paced and on-the-go lifestyle. These iPad apps are not only helping these reps stay on top of their business, but they’re completely changing the way business is done.

1. Pepperi



PEPPERI for sales teams offers a complete mobile wholesale CRM solution for sales reps which combines an e-catalog, order taking functionality, contact management, GPS integration, display management, and route tracking.

The entire system is also easy to integrate with any ERP making the seamless connection to the sales process in the back end of your office. These features dramatically improve sales reps’ productivity and provide them with the critical information necessary for them to complete an entire sales cycle with a customer.

2. Nitro




This application takes a unique gamification approach to engage and encourage sales teams to drive sales results. Bunchball’s Nitro offers different levels, challenges, team competitions, and even rewards to make the Salesforce plugin more entertaining and rewarding for your sales team.

Not only does Nitro provide contests and competition to spice up the atmosphere and motivate your team, but they also give you great insight into the behaviors of each individual employee through targeted campaigns. The key drivers of growth and profitability are engaged teams, and high product knowledge which Nitro completely changes the way we reach these goals with their gamification platform.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator




Most of you know by now, an entire new portion of the B2B game that’s changing the way we find and nurture leads. Social media. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator takes all of the contacts in your Salesforce app and aligns them with the information available in their LinkedIn profile.

This makes it super easy for you to pinpoint decision makers in your industry, connect with thought leaders who make a difference, and receive real time updates for those who matter.

The same way that LinkedIn can find people that you randomly knew from high school to connect with, or someone you recently collaborated with on an assignment, they can also recommend you leads based on your preferences and your historically saved leads.

4. Dossier




Dossier is your all in one, CRM, notebook, and organization tool. This application can turn your Apple device’s contacts into a selling machine. Upon speaking to a customer you want up to date information to recall exactly what you discussed in your last meeting, Dossier stores all of this information in notes attached to your contacts to avoid wasting time and help you sell more.

This application also allows you to attach word documents, PDFs, photos, voice memos, etc. to a contact so they’re right on file for your next meeting. B2B sales reps are playing an increasingly important role in helping businesses adapt to B2B e-commerce, this can be a great resource for reps to help manage where each customer is at during each stage of the cycle.

5. SalesVu



The best part of SalesVu Point of Sale, besides the fact that it’s free of course, is it’s unique similarity to a big enterprise resource management system. This app gives you the ability to track payments, mail receipts, post social promotions, and view different sales metrics and analytics.

Another perk of this application is the enablement to accept cash, check, gift cards, and credit card transactions (for a 2.7% flat rate transaction fee).

What other sales apps do you think are changing the field of B2B sales? Any recommended features you can’t live without?

Image Credit: Wilfred Iven

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