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Help Me, Kino-Mo, You’re My Only Hope for Affordable Holograms

Ever since Star Wars hit theaters in 1977, the world has been fascinated with holograms. Princess Leia's distressed message to Obi-Wan Kenobi was the innovative fantasy of every tech entrepreneur that wanted to travel to a galaxy far, far away. And while technology hasn't made this kind of ghostly projection possible for anyone but the CNN newsroom, one startup is making affordable hologram-like technology a reality.

Kino-mo, a London-based startup, is giving hope to tech fans that thought they might never see this innovative technology come to life with Hypervsn. And while other iterations of holographic technology have required expensive setups, elaborate configurations, and notably large dedicated spaces, Kino-mo promises a cost-effective and scalable alternative that could change the medium forever. While not technically considered holograms, these 3D visuals float in the air just like the real thing.

“New, hi-tech and scalable visual technology is long overdue and the market of digital displays needs alternative solutions,” said Art Stavenka, cofounder of Kino-mo, in an interview with Business Zone. “Holograms could have filled the gap by astonishing viewers and effectively delivering advertising messaging, however, they are simply unavailable for the mass market due to extortionate costs, and difficulties with setting up and content creation.”


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While you might be expecting a hi-tech projector machine with expansive antennas and millions of wires to be behind this revolutionary technology, the pieces involved in making these projection is surprisingly simple. As a self described plug-and-play solution, Kino-mo Hypervsn uses a propeller-looking unit with a patented combination of chips, magnets and LEDS to project everything from watches and words to celebrities and fruit.

“Providing high impact and designed to require little maintenance, the technology requires no custom setup, and content creation is quick and straightforward. Importantly, the displays are distinguished by being low cost and suitable for creating a network of devices,” said Stavenka in the same interview.

Kino-mo is, however, not solely in the 3D visual business for enthusiastic Star Wars fans. With their technology being perfectly suited to small and medium sized projections, they have dedicated their focus to the advertising world, displaying merchandise, discounted prices, and celebrity spokespeople in malls and stores around the world.

Kino-mo took second place in ShowStopper LaunchIt, the official pitch competition at CES focused around Eureka Park, the go-to location for startups. Kino-mo was noticeably the hottest booth on the floor, and if you are currently attending the event, be sure to check out the incredible technology in person. Trust us, you won't regret it.

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