Top Tools to Help You Make an Infographic

Infographics are a great way to convey information quickly and easily, in a manner that people can learn and understand.

Because they are attractive, attention-grabbing, and easy to absorb, infographics are very popular in a number of areas such as the media, academics, commercial presentations and many others. It is therefore quite unfortunate that learning how to make an infographic is much more difficult than it would first appear.

Thankfully, however, nowadays there are several ways to go about creating infographics which make anyone look like a pro – even when you’re not!

Making Infographics Online

There is one thing anyone who has access to a computer or mobile device can be assured of these days – that whatever it is they need, there is an app or website for it. Making infographics isn’t any different. is probably the most famous and popular of these websites, because it is presented to users in an attractive, intuitive layout, which allows them to use the tool with ease.

While only pro (paid) users of the website have access to all its features, such as changing color schemes and loading your own premade materials, it also offers tutorials on how to make an infographic using the site, as well as templates and other resources to help beginners with their first projects.

However, if you are on a budget and can’t pay a monthly fee for making occasional infographics, something like or Google Developers can come in quite handy, as they will get you started in the world of infographic making for free, whether you are looking for an infographic to share online or to show in a presentation at the office.

Infographic Apps

If you are looking for an on-the-go solution, you’ll be happy to know that app developers have in fact planned for this scenario and released some great tools, both for Android and iOS, a number of which are free.

A great example of this is Photo Infographic Gen Lite, a free Android app which allows users to create impressive infographics in seconds using their own phone or tablet’s photos. If you are looking for a more professional solution though, Google Play and the App Store also feature a great number of inexpensive pro tools, which will only set you back a few cents.

Making Your Own

If you want to learn how to make infographics for yourself, you will need to skip all these tools and do it the good old fashioned way, that is, either having it done, doing it with the help of a professional, or using your own design tools and skills.

Whatever option you go with though, you need to know that it is possible to make infographics with free software that you already own, such as MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, without spending money on fancy software – a particularly useful tip if you are a beginner or only use graphics occasionally.

Another good tip is to stay organized, by gathering all of your information in one place and making a draft, either manually or with the help of design tools, to guide you or the designer, and help you visualize the end result as you want it before you commit to a design. This way, you are less likely to create a cluttered or complex graphic, which would be difficult to read.

Once all that’s settled, it is a question of selecting the proper software to suit your needs and learning its kinks. You should remember, though, that it isn’t the software or skills which make an infographic great, but rather how engaging and easy it is to understand.

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