Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Vertical Videos from Animaker

The world of marketing will soon be dominated by video. Study after study has shown that it is not only the most effective means of grabbing a consumers attention, it also holds that attention longer than any other form of marketing. This means that the importance of having an innovative video marketing strategy is paramount in setting yourself apart from your competition. And we know just the things to get you started.

Animaker is a a cloud-based, DIY visual content creation platform that allows users to create eye-catching animations and infographics in a matter of minutes for a wide range of social media platforms. By allowing marketers to produce vertical videos, the platform's main focus, you'll be able to tap into a market becoming more necessary every day: mobile users.

Most of our top clients had been requesting us to bring in a feature to make vertical videos,” said Srinivasa Raghavan, founder and CEO of Animaker, in a statement. “We then did a market study using 10,000 subjects from our mailing list. 73 percent of the respondents thought that vertical video is the future and would help them. After that, we just couldn’t ignore the demand!”

A huge chunk of internet content is consumed through smartphones. And while horizontal videos look great on laptops and tablets, mobile users are burden by having to turn their devices sideways for every little clip. But with Animaker, you'll be able to simply and easily create vertical videos that will engage consumers, who hold their phones vertically 94 percent of the time.

If you're worried about how capable this platform is, don't be. By using one of the world's largest animation library, you'll really have creative control over how you send out your message. Plus, with 3000+ animated maps, 2000+ artistic icons, 1000+ character animations, you couldn't get bored with this platform if you tried.

The key to success in video marketing is staying ahead of trends. This trend, while in its infancy, seems like the logical direction for marketing to go. After all, innovation is all about convenience, and there's nothing more convenient than not having to tilt your phone to the side every time a video comes up.

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