One Month: Our Students are Our Biggest Asset [VIDEO]

What would you do if somebody dropped you off at the library and told you to learn history? Where would you start? For most people, I’d wager that they wouldn’t know what to do after finding the history section.

Mattan Griffel, the CEO of One Month, built his online video learning platform to help people with this exact scenario. However, instead of history, Griffel focuses on teaching coding, website building, mobile applications, growth hacking, content marketing, and web security, among others.

Better yet, One Month was built specifically with beginners in mind – programs can be completed in 30 days if you spend just 15 minutes a day on them. They built this way to avoid that ‘lost-in-the-library’ feeling you get with some other platforms.

And Griffel maintains a high level of focus on outcomes and results, specifically when it comes to tangible skill sets that can be applied to a job. That’s because he knows that students are his biggest asset.

When somebody takes one of his classes, he wants them to finish because they’re the people who are going to be most excited about it. If, in the process, One Month is able to change somebody’s life be helping them get a job, start a company, or introduce a product, then they’re happy.

Case in point: Griffel recently started an initiative that awards scholarships to women in tech. He noticed that mostly males were signing up for their classes and decided to flip the ratio with the scholarships.

According to Griffel, you want to have diversity in your team as early as possible. Ideally one of your first five hires should be a member of the opposite sex. If you go on hiring people just like you, physically and mentally, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to ever bring diverse opinions into the culture – which will be set in stone by 10, 20, or 30 hires.

One Month can offer 10 accounts a month to help support a mission of diversity in tech, and it’s a win-win for every single person involved. We were able to sit down with Griffel at SXSW this year and learn how his approach is, quite literally, changing peoples’ lives. Here’s the video:

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