How Meteora Is Changing the Media Advertising Landscape

More and more users seem prone to traditional online advertising – banner and pay-per-click or pay-per-view schemes in particular. Adblocking has gone mainstream with over 198 million active users around the world, costing publishers approximately $22 billion in revenue in 2015. For businesses that stands for becoming more creative with their advertising campaigns and relying more on content marketing, influencer marketing, social and native advertising. And that’s exactly where Meteora steps in – a demand-side platform, offering advanced online advertising options for businesses.

How Meteora Works


The platform offers advanced targeting and retargeting advertising options for different budgets. You can opt to create a native, social or mobile advertising campaign with razor sharp user targeting.

Meteora can segment users into extremely targetable user pools. Advertisers can pass product info, live user engagement data, or custom values into the system to target their ideal customer.

You can launch the campaign and fully functional dynamic ad for e-commerce in less than 3 minutes at no charge, an option particularly appealing to Shopify and WooCommerce users.  In fact, you can customize your add and use different templates to make it appear more native to your environment, plus add custom conversion capture widgets.

Meteora Advanced Targeting Features

Proximity targeting comes as a great feature for mobile advertising. The app collects the exact geo details from on most mobile devices and matches the data with the network of available ad slots. The information is stored for each user, thus allowing you to re-target each user based on their real world footprint (through the cookies information).


For instance, you can target customers, who are currently at your competitor’s physical location or standing within a specific radius of a geo location, meaning they can be highly conducive to perceive to your ads. If you sale clothes you can target the users visiting the nearby H&M store in the past 30 days.

Event targeting option allows you to target segmented users based on the events they have recently attended (concerts, festivals, workshops etc.) that are highly relevant to your niche.  This is a great option to attract leads for event agencies, marketing talents or selling related-merchandise.

Search retargeting campaigns run at lower costs compared to the most popular cost-per-click platform Google Adwords. In fact, the platform allows targeting users on multiple search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) at the same time.

Weather targeting.  Meteora allows suppressing ad spending in areas, where certain weather is occurring.  For instance, you might want to stop advertising frozen coffee when it gets colder in your area.  Apart from the standard weather options you can also select rare occurrences like snow, hail, natural disasters; and stop your ad campaign for that time.

Apart from the targeting features mentioned above, Meteora also offers custom white label solutions to create a special targeting app for your initiative within 3-5 days.

You can learn more about Meteora on their website.

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