11 Mexican Startups You Should Know About

Mexico is home to many startups. From Monterrey to Mexico City, the country has, in recent years, developed into a rising environment for startups. Here are some of the top Mexican startups you should know about.

1. Kubo.Financiero

This startup is based in Mexico City. It is a micro-finance company that offers a platform that connects regional lenders with borrowers. The company’s users are able to get better interest rates on their loans.

2. Petsy

Petsy is the go-to place for all things related to pets. They are an online retailer. The company delivers their products straight to your door, and they have merchandise and supplies for just about any pet imaginable.

3. Etraining

Etraining takes a crowdsourcing approach to providing individuals with education and training for both professional development and personal growth. It connects users to various educational opportunities in a vast area of niches. This startup is growing fast and a lot of people have already taken advantage of the opportunities that the site provides.

4. Go Venture

As you probably are aware, Mexican startups and small businesses often run into difficulties trying to get capital to grow, especially when you compare them to businesses in America. This is regardless of the fact that Mexico City is a major financial hub. Go Venture realized this and they launched with a goal to help other startups.

The company connects those who may be interested in providing capital to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Not only that, but Go Venture is unique because they help people develop business plans. Having a good business plan increase a company’s chances of getting funded they need to grow. Just need to ensure relations between Mexico and USA stay strong.

5. Descifra

This startup is a Big Data analytics company. They focus on analyzing social and economic behavior. They analyze the data for improved strategic decision making. When it comes to running a business that serves customers, then having the ability to analyze data is crucial, which is why Descifra can expect to grow by a lot within the next few years.

6. Boletia

People who organize events near or in Mexico City can streamline their online marketing and ticket sales via Boletia, which is a company that provides their clients with a great way to spread the word about their events. Their clients can easily sell tickets online, and the company has strong desires to expand into other markets in the region. This means you want to keep an eye on this company because they are expected to grow considerably in the future.

7. Kueski

This startup is based in Guadalajara. They are an online lending company. They offer micro-loans to consumers in less than 30 minutes.

8. PingStamp

PingStamp helps companies with their customer loyalty and client retention, and they do this by offering companies a platform with resources and analytic tools. Clients can monitor metrics in real time and they can review behaviors, which can help them develop better strategies. PingStamp has the potential to help many businesses improve their strategies, which may help them grow and help them with customer loyalty and client retention rates.

9. Rubberit

Consumers can use this service if they want to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in the region. The company’s goals also include preventing STDs from spreading in the area, and they want to ensure their subscribers have a supply of quality condoms. The company offers their services art an affordable price and they allow customers to easily make payments.

10. Balam

This is a new company based in Mexico City, and their goal is to help businesses improve their marketing and sales strategies by helping them improve their analytics. The services are affordable and available to both new businesses and established businesses. Best of all, the services can be used in conjunction with popular platforms such as Facebook and Google.

11. EasyBroker

This startup has quickly become one of the top customer relationship management program for real estate professionals located in Mexico City. Their CRM software provides brokers a place where they can manage their listings. The software also helps them keep up with their current customers and prospective leads.

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