With Immediate Sales Alerts on Specific Items, Online Bargain Shopping with Shoptagr Can’t Get Any Easier

In college, I didn’t know anyone who didn’t at least once go online shopping in the middle of a lecture – that’s pure hyperbole, but whatever. I think it’s become one of those past-times that we all find ourselves doing every now and then: after coming home from a night out of drinking, when you’re until past noon on a Saturday, or really just whenever you find yourself bored. Other times, you just genuinely have the goal of wanting to buy some new clothes online. But for those who are bargain hunters, sometimes sales are hard to come by, and even when you do find one, there’s a small change that an online retailer will still have your size. Online platform Shoptagr aims to support your online bargain shopping habits by notifying you immediately when a specific item you want goes on sale.

“My wife could spend hours checking for sales of brands and styles she wanted online, which proved to be time-consuming and a hassle,” sid Jonathan Friedman. “This inefficiency in her shopping experience was the inspiration to make a prototype that would automatically check price drops for her. Three months later, my cofounder and I traded in our day jobs to create Shoptagr and save others time and money while bargain shopping.”

Shoptagr is designed to help take online shoppers find the best deals on items, removing the need to sort through promotional or sales ads and emails. And what’s great is that if you’re familiar with Pinterest (which, if you’re into online shopping, then I’m sure you are), then using Shoptagr will be a breeze. You first have to install Shoptagr’s +TAG button (either by dragging it directly to your bookmarks bar or installing the extension on Chrome). From there, you simply browse the way you normally do when you go online shopping, hopping from one retailer to the next. When you find an item that you want, all you have to do to set up an alert is to click on the +TAG button, confirm the details on the item (like the size and color), and then decide at what discount level for which you’d like to get a notification. All of your tagged items are arranged on a Pinterest-style page for you to revisit any time, and you’ll get emails and/or text messages when any of those items go on sale.


Through Shoptagr you can set up sale notifications for any item, down the specific size. That way, you’ll have a better shot at finding that perfect shirt or shoes in your size and at a lower price.

“We want to become your ultimate shopping assistant through great technology streamlining sales hunting down to a couple of clicks, making it easier and faster than ever before to discover and buy the right items at the right price at the right time. Savvy shoppers can now spend less time obsessively stalking bargains and more time doing the fun part, discovering new pieces to keep track of for great deals.”

Shoptagr recently came out of beta, during which they saw more than 40,000 items tracked in less than three months and process more than 20,000 sales alerts. Currently, Shoptagr works on more than 350 online retailers, with more being added regularly. While the company is focused primarily on fashion at the moment, Friedman told me that they eventually want to target the entire lifestyle space, encompassing fashion, beauty, and home & decor. The company is also working on a mobile solution for their platform.

Learn more about Shoptagr.

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