13 Outdoor Tech Gadgets To Create Your Backyard Oasis

Summer isn’t over yet – and for some of us it’s in full swing and we continue to enjoy barbecues and pool parties. If you’re fortunate enough to have your own backyard, you can still transform it into an oasis for your family and friends to enjoy. Let’s go beyond your typical tiki torches and citronella candles, and look at some of the most interesting outdoor tech gadgets to make your backyard experience even better.


The Karaoke Cooler

The Karaoke Cooler 

Keeping your favorite beverages cool in an icy cold tub is essential in your backyard. But if you want to turn it up a notch, and add in some portable karaoke, this is the cooler for you! Truly a crowd pleaser.

Fatboy Lamzac Lounger

Fatboy Lamzac Inflatable Lounger

Want to have hammock like experience without the need for ropes and trees? The Lamzac is the lounger you’ve been looking for. This lounge chair from the Netherlands is a comfortable sofa or lounge chair for two that you can fill with air within seconds.  The Lamzac is made of a durable, abrasion resistant, ripstop nylon and the weight capacity is a whopping 440 pounds.

Natural Mosquito Repelling Lantern

Natural Mosquito Repelling Lantern

Depending on where you live, as soon as the sun starts going down, the bus loads of mosquitos arrive ready to attack. But we can be ready for them. This natural mosquito repelling lantern works to keep the mosquitoes away with a natural, plant-based mist. The lantern has four LED bulbs that generate a soft glow, and the device allows you to set the mist to spray every 5, 7 1/2, or 10 minutes. It also includes a remote control to so you can fight back from up to 15 feet away.

INADAYS InaTrap Electronic Insect Zapper Light

INADAYS Intrap Electronic Insect Zapper & Elegant Light

In case you couldn’t tell, we really hate mosquitos.  So if you don’t get the bugs with the nature mist lanterns, you may need to consider more extreme measures. That’s where this little bug zapper and light will come in handy as you can set it right nearby.

Solar Orb Lanterns

Solar Orb Lanterns

Lighting is important to set the mood and what better way to do that than with these colorful, hanging orbs. They are solar powered so no need to run an extension cord or plug them in. Don’t expect them to shed a lot of light on the situation but do expect them to add to a fun atmosphere from above.

Husqvarna Automower Robotic Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Automower Robotic Lawn Mower

Keep your lawn well manicured without breaking a sweat thanks to technology and this nifty robotic lawn mower. Similar to Roomba your grass gets mowed automatically around the clock without your supervision. The cuttings are small enough that you won’t need to rake the clippings, adding fertilization back to the soil. It is electrically powered so the robotic mower produces no harmful emissions. Set it an forget it.

SunBright TV Outdoor Television

SunBright TV Outdoor 55 inch Signature 4K Ultra LED TV

Watch your favorite sporting events while you’re hanging out on your back deck. This outdoor TV is designed specifically for partial sun and high ambient light conditions on patio, poolside, and decks. It’s waterproof with a powder-coated aluminum exterior that protects against rust while shielding the internal components from rain, snow, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air. Additionally the TV can perform in all climates with a temperature range of -24 to 122°F.

Lighting Orbs

Lighting Orb

This little glowing orb will add another fun element to your outdoor oasis. The orb has ultra bright LED lights with 16 modes including a color-changing flash mode. It has 10 hours working time and is rechargeable for regular use.

We can help with office gadgets too – like an office phone system.

Outdoor Umbrella with USB Charger

Outdoor Umbrella with USB Charger & Lighting

Keeping your devices charged while in the backyard is not something to be taken lightly, and this outdoor umbrella with a built in USB charger for a mobile device will be sure to keep your phone fully operational. Your friends will appreciate it.

MSpa Luxury Exotic Outdoor Hot Tub Spa

MSpa Luxury Outdoor Hot Tub Spa

Your backyard oasis wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a water element. While you could splurge and get an in-ground pool or Michael Phelps Spa, those may be out of budget. Consider MSpa’s inflatable hot tub option which looks sleek just like a regular hot tub, but at a fraction of the price.

OM Sound System
Om Sound System

The right sound can can make your environment stand apart from others – and the Om Sound System can help with that. It’s a weather-resistant, solar-powered speaker that can be deployed anywhere. It also has three LED light arrays that can illuminate walkways and decks. The Om System integrates Bluetooth and radio technology to create a complete audio system the helps overcome distance problems and interference issues. You can buy just one or string a bunch of Om units together to amplify your backyard soundtrack around your entire lot.

Alpine Solar Bluetooth Rock Speaker
Alpine Solar Bluetooth Rock Speaker

If you’re looking for an affordable, and camouflaged, sound option for your backyard, check out Alpine Corporation’s solar Bluetooth rock speaker. We don’t know about the sound, but we love the idea of tucking these rock-like speakers around the yard to pleasantly surprise guests wherever they hang out.
Blue Rhino Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Propane Fire Pit

Ok, it isn’t a high tech gadget but you’ll quickly forgive me when you add a fire pit to provide warmth and comfort outside all year long. With an electronic ignition, this fire pit creates a cozy and soothing fire without the hassle of having to tend to a fire – keeping everyone warm when the sun goes down.

Making your backyard into an oasis takes a little bit of thought and time but just a few outdoor tech gadgets go a long way.

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