Report: Most People Are Comfortable Going Passwordless

More than half of users stated that they would be willing to use non-password login methods to access their accounts.

We may be in the final days of passwords, as one study found that the majority of users are comfortable moving on from the admittedly outdated security protocol.

Let’s be honest, passwords aren’t the most effective means of protecting information online. Sure, if you follow every single best practice, they’re fine, but the reality is that the average user is not taking password security seriously, and it’s leaving a lot of loopholes that can lead to stolen information.

Fortunately, these days may be behind us, as a new study has found that a vast number of those using passwords are fine with ditching them in favor of more comprehensive methods.

Report: Users Are Comfortable Going Passwordless

According to a report titled The Future of Authentication in Financial Services, there are a lot of promising stats in regard to how comfortable the average user is when it comes to going passwordless. In fact, the study found that 61% of users are willing to use non-password login methods and 45% are comfortable with security using non-password login methods.

Even more promising, many users understand that this is likely the future of the security industry, as 47% noted that passwords will eventually no longer be used at all.

Passwords Comfort Graph

It’s worth noting that the comfort of users to utilize passwordless login methods are based on what kind of devices they use it for. Those using multiple devices to login are the most comfortable, with 73% saying they’d be comfortable using non-password login methods.

Still, users are still pretty comfortable for specific usage as well, with the report finding that 67.9% of app users, 54.3% of mobile browser users, and 48.5% of web browser users are willing to use non-password login methods.

Passwords Device Comfort

What Should Your Business Do About Passwords?

While the passwordless revolution is only just now getting underway, there are plenty of options when it comes to shoring up your security that don’t involve remember 100 different unique passwords filled with nonsensical letters, numbers, and special characters.

For one, password managers take all the guess work out of logging in. Not only do these platforms keep track of every single password you can imagine in an easy-to-use interface, but it will also recommend hard-to-guess password to bolster your security. More so, password managers will alert you when one of your passwords has been compromised, so you can change it quickly to avoid any gaps in your security.

Our top-rated password manager is LastPass, as it offers excellent encryption, lots of business features, and a wide range of customer support options if anything goes wrong. 1Password and Dashlane are also popular options, offering a comparable service that can keep you and your business safe online.

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