PetPlate Is the First Dog Food Delivery Service That Puts Quality First

It’s no secret that people love their pets. From dog masseurs to pet therapists, taking care of your furry friend is undeniably important to you. Unfortunately, when it comes to feeding your dog, the only options on the market are tins of slop or bags of trash. Fortunately, one company has decided to make high quality meals a priority for your pets. And they’ll delivered these tasty treats right to your front door.

PetPlate is the New York-based startup that is making gourmet pet meals a reality. Considered the Blue Apron of dog food by many, this company and its founder, Renaldo Webb, believe that ingredients are the key to a high quality dish.

“We want people to think about what people are feeding their pets and what kind of food is going into their bodies,” said Webb in an interview with Tech.Co.

Webb is aiming to completely change the pet food industry with this move. Not only are they providing quality ingredients in gourmet meals for dogs, they’re also delivering them to your front door in containers that would make Cheesecake Factory look like an actual factory. Plus, their innovative model allows you to keep stock up on food without worrying about it spoiling.

“We wanted to stray away the dog food model,” said Webb. “We have beautiful containers that nicely in your fridge, and our cold press technology preserves freshness and taste for your pet.”

Until recently, PetPlace was only available in certain region around the country. But just a few days ago, PetPlate launched their national campaign in accordance with their appearance on Shark Tank, an opportunity Webb knew would be a turning point. Unfortunately, PetPlate was not offered a deal but they are confident that they exposure will do wonders for their future.


As far as the immediate future is concerned, Webb wants PetPlate to be more than just a dog food delivery service. With 80 million cats across America, the company will have its hands full trying to make their service viable for all pet owners around the world.

“We want to build out the menu and become more functional for pets with disabilities,” said Webb. “We also want to open up our menu for cats so we don’t leave any pet behind.”

With more and more products and services becoming available to pets, PetPlate seems like the most obvious success story. Pet food is a necessity, unlike therapists and masseurs, and delivery services for much less pressing products have boasted some of the highest returns in the industry. It’s only a matter of time before PetPlate becomes part of every pet owners home. Particularly because you’ll be giving your pets food that even you can eat!

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