Proton Pass Is the New Password Manager on the Block

The service, currently in beta, will allow Proton Mail users to further shore up their security online.

Your passwords can never be too safe, with a new password manager hitting the market from Proton, the secure email provider, in hopes of bolstering its security offerings.

Password security remains one of the most effective ways to ensure that your information is safe online. Unfortunately, best practices are rarely followed by the average user, with common passwords being frequently reused across the majority of user accounts.

However, a good password manager can change all that, and if you’re signed up for Proton Mail, you might be in luck.

Proton Mail Users Will Get Access to Password Manager

Announced in a company blog post from the CEO, Proton — the company behind the popular secure email service Proton Mail — is launching a password manager to improve security even more. The beta will be available to Proton Mail users only, because that’s who was asking for it.

“A password manager has been one of the most common requests from the Proton community ever since we first launched Proton Mail.” – Andy Yen, CEO of Proton

The password manager will have a number of features, including end-to-end encryption across all account fields, including username, password, and web address. The service will also include a fully integrated two-factor authenticator, as well as two-factor authentication autofill, so the advanced security won’t slow you down too much.

Why Is Proton Mail Adding a Password Manager?

Proton Mail has become a popular email service for those interested in substantially improving security across one of the most frequently used services on the web: email. However, as the CEO pointed out, a secure email platform is nothing without a good password, and they don’t want you to rely on your own memory to keep your information safe.

“Passwords are such sensitive information that an insecure password manager is a risk to the Proton community. If an attacker obtains your password (be it through a data breach or hacking your password manager), they can essentially bypass all of Proton Mail’s advanced encryption.”

In the same way a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, your security setup is only as strong as your weakest password, and this new password manager sounds like its Proton’s way of ensuring that users are as secure as possible across the board.

What Is the Best Password Manager?

While Proton Pass could end up being one of the best password managers available, its beta status will delay that for the time being. Plus, because only Proton Mail users will get access for now, only those truly committed to online security will benefit for a while.

So then what is the best password manager? We at have done a lot of business software research to find the best of the best, and password manager are one of our favorite topics to cover.

Our research found that NordPass is the best password manager out there, offering plenty of features, lots of business functionality, and a seamless browser plug-in for easy access. There are a lot of options out there, so be sure to check back with to see if a certain password manager is right for your business.

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