Remembering Steve Jobs in 140 Characters or Less

Where were you when you found out? I was in my bedroom, and had just woken up from an early evening nap. After checking the time on my iPhone and turning on my MacBook Pro, I logged in to Twitter to the sad news that Steve Jobs had passed away. It was an outpouring of grief on a scale that our Timelines had seldom seen. By midnight eastern time – less than five hours after Apple’s announcement of Jobs’ death – over 1.4 million tweets had been sent with his name in them.

As a memorial to Steve Jobs, we have pulled together tweets from various entrepreneurs and techies around the web that pay tribute to the man whose innovation, charisma and endless vision changed our lives forever:

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder

Bill Gates






Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO

Dick Costolo






Steve Case, AOL co-founder

Steve Case






Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder

Richard Branson






Gabe Rivera, TechMeme founder

Gabe Rivera






Loic Le Meur, founder

Loic Le Meur






Joe Gebbia, Airbnb co-founder

Joe Gebbia




Jeff Pulver, Entrepreneur

Jeff Pulver






Joel Johnson, Tech Blogger

Joel Johnson






Heather Meeker, Corp Comm at GOGII VP

Heather Meeker






Peter Merholz, Adaptive Path founder

Peter Merholz






Katie Jacobs Stanton, Twitter Head of International Strategy

Katie Stanton




Mark Bao, Avecora CEO & OnSwipe CTO

Mark Bao






Gabe Roth, via Mark Bao

Gabe Roth






Sarah Lane, TechTV personality

Sarah Lane






Daniel Brusilovsky, Teens in Tech Labs founder & CEO

Daniel Brusilovsky






Jonathan Schwartz, via Schematic Labs founder & CEO Steve Jang

Jonathan Schwartz via Steve Jang






Nicholas Longo, Entrepreneur

Nick Longo






David Cohn, founder

David Cohn






Greg Scholl

Greg Scholl






Andy Carvin, NPR Digital Editor

Andy Carvin






Hunter Walk, Google Director of Project Management






Naval Ravikant, Entrepreneur & Venture Hacks co-author

Naval Ravikant






A personal favorite from gamer Michele Boyd:

Michele Boyd





Thank you, Steve. You will be missed.

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