4 Ways to Save Money with All-In-One Tools for Startups

Running out of cash is one of the top reasons why startups fail. That’s why the formula to success isn’t always about profits. To get your company ready for the long haul, you must also implement strategies that will minimize the costs of operations.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs are getting creative with how they save money on ventures, like going green, allowing remote work, and selling through social media. For online businesses, it’s all about using the most cost-efficient and flexible platforms that will help you do more with your money. Below are four simple strategies you should consider:

Streamline Lead Generation with GetResponse

Generating leads is one of the toughest challenges for online startups. For this, businesses need to pay attention to several key components such as landing pages, lead channel optimization, and nurturing strategies.

GetResponse is one of the few email marketing tools that has turned into a complete lead generation platform. It can help you create landing pages, manage your email lists, design newsletters, automate marketing content, and a lot more. You can also take advantage of the analytics dashboard to track and optimize their strategy over time.

Despite its features and ease of use, you can use GetResponse for way cheaper than using separate tools for email marketing, landing page design, and analytics. That is, until you exceed a thousand subscribers or wish to spice up your lead generation with webinars – then, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro plan.

Manage Your Remote Team with Slack

Plenty of startups choose to operate remotely to reduce overhead costs. However, ensuring the productivity of your team while working remotely is a big challenge. To bring your team closer together as well as delegate tasks more effectively, you can use an online communication platform like Slack.

The main selling point of Slack is that it provides an online startup with a single virtual workspace. You can track conversations, check the progress of ongoing tasks, share files, send private messages, and have live video conversations. The tool also comes with a mobile app so you can stay ahead of conversations no matter where you go.

Finally, the base features of Slack can be used for free with no expirations – perfect if you want a no-risk strategy of upgrading your online business from emails and phone calls.

Build an Online Presence with iPage

Building, hosting, and maintaining a website costs money. A professional web designer, for example, may cost you thousands of dollars if you chose to build a custom website from scratch. With iPage, you can do everything associated with your online presence – from domain registration all the way to web page design.

Since the web design aspect of iPage depends on the WordPress infrastructure, you can easily install themes, create pages, and handle other tasks involved in running a website. The platform is also powerful enough to help you build an online store complete with PayPal and shopping cart integrations.

Manage the Financial Side of Things with Freshbooks

Whether you need to track business expenses, send invoices to clients, or do your accounting, you can always count on Freshbooks to make things a breeze. It is a cloud accounting software equipped with built-in project management features – from time tracking to file sharing. Regardless of the platform’s depth, it offers a simplified interface that anyone can learn in minutes.

Another reason to use Freshbooks is that it integrates with cloud business platforms like Shopify, Stripe, and the G Suite. This allows you to consolidate every aspect of running your online business in a single location.

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