Security for Smart Homes: Important Things to Consider

Many of us have seen the commercial. A young couple arrives at a vacation spot to which one set of their parents have already arrived. The dad asks if they secured the house before they left. Of course, they answer, “yes.” He then pulls out his iPhone and proceeds to turn off lights, a water faucet, closes and locks a window, and lock the doors. “Sure they did,” he says to his wife.

The Great Value of Smart Homes

Smart homes are a wonderful result of our digital world. Homeowners can control temperature, appliances, lighting, TV’s, security, and more from anywhere in the world. The technology has brought convenience, a stronger sense of security, the ability to be environmentally responsible, and certainly money savings.

But because most homes do not have this technology built into them, consumers have to “retrofit” their homes with the products and systems that are now available from a variety of manufacturers. And they often turn to one of any number of smart home companies that provide a comprehensive approach to installation of as little or as much as a homeowner wants, with the option to add more features as time goes on. These companies also offer continued support, especially through cloud-based technologies that allow the homeowners continued access and alerts when things are awry.

For DIY’ers, there are also a myriad of gadgets that can be installed easily, and these are becoming far less complicated in installation and self-monitoring, also through cloud technology.

We are still a long way from unified mass adoption of smart home technology and integrated systems that will control everything with one app or tool, but these days are coming.

Security Systems Are Often Sold Separately

Because home security is probably the biggest concern, there are a number of companies that serve only this consumer niche. From outside camera systems, to entry codes, to digital alarms on windows, to motion detectors and remote monitoring, the entire industry is becoming more and more sophisticated.

“People want to know that they have the latest and most sophisticated security systems that technology can provide,” states Frank Cameron of Home Alarm Advisors”Our mission is to provide the critical information about home security systems and companies that will allow consumers to make wise decisions.”

Some Things to Keep in Mind about Home Security Systems

Here are a few tips that may ensure the best home security possible.

  1. Hacking systems is becoming more common. As these occur, security providers are performing patches and fixes. Be certain that your provider is on top of this and is vigilant about potential breaches.
  2. Most companies offer regular upgrades. Even if there is a fee attached to that upgrade, take it.
  3. Many security companies still monitor alarms through landline connections. This is risky business indeed, because burglars need only cut a few phone wires. Make sure you use a system that offers cellular connection.
  4. Go with a nationwide provider. As Snow says, “There may be lots of small security companies across the U.S., but using a national company ensures that you can move you system when you do, without cancellation fees.”

Home security systems bring great peace of mind to families whose members are absent most of the day and/or to individuals who travel a great deal for work. They are also valuable anxiety-reducers when occupants are home and asleep or otherwise occupied about the house. And while home security systems were once complicated and a bit vexing, newer technologies have made them simple and even smarter.  Getting one that meets all of your requirements will take a bit of research, but it is well worth the effort.

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