How to Serve Your Mobile Customers in 2017

In 2017’s highly competitive business environment, customer experience management is the core factor that can ensure your business’ success. Legacy customer service processes, like face-to-face meetings over a help desk are slowly being fazed out.

We’ve all gone digital, and companies are investing heavily in mobility and the innovative tools that create seamless customer service for their clients. Right now, more and more users are moving from desktop computers to mobile devices, and this is changing the face of business as we know it.

There are some notable statistics in regards to this shift. 63 percent of adults in America use mobile devices several times every month for customer service support. Additionally, 90 percent of adults in America have had poor experiences with customer support on their mobile devices.

How to Serve Mobile Customers in 2017

Mobile customers expect service anytime, anywhere with on-demand access to rich data. You can deliver mobile customer service that allows your customers to solve common problems directly on their mobile devices. The main benefit is that you can trim the fat at your brick and mortar establishments saving you money, while also offering a positive experience for your customers.

Responsive Website

The first step is to make sure your website is responsive and easy to use on all mobile devices. We have seen a massive shift from desktops and laptops to mobile devices. So the only way to grab a share of the market is to create a responsive website.

With a responsive website, mobile and tablet users will have access to your website without losing out on functionality. The great thing about a responsive website is that desktop and laptop users will still be redirected to the desktop version of the website. Your customers will enjoy a seamless experience on the website and this will increase sales and conversions.

Mobile App

Developing a mobile app for your business is another great way to serve your mobile device customers. Businesses all over the world, with different types of product offerings, are all reaping the benefits of having mobile apps.

Companies like Starbucks use their mobile app to offer rewards exclusively to their app users. They also allow payments from the app, which helps speed up their payment processes. Your business should not be left behind. Mobile apps are the way forward for small and large businesses. It will help provide your existing users a better customer experience and creates an avenue for generating leads and conversions.

Mobile Engagement

Now that you’ve got a responsive website and an existing mobile app, your next challenge is engagement. Users expect rich content on their mobile devices, so you better deliver.

According to scientists, the age of smartphones has left humans with much shorter attention spans. If there is any truth in this, then you know that your website or app needs to provide content that is great and engaging for your mobile users.

Mobile Self Service

In the evolving world of mobile apps, a self-service platform to your mobile device users is another way to make life easy. Some aspects of customer service can be carried out by customers themselves, so why waste their time getting a CSR to handle it. No matter the product or service you sell, self-service is here to stay.

Your customers can use their mobile devices to resolve some issues on their accounts, and this will give them a sense of satisfaction knowing that they can resolve their problems on their dashboard. This is a feature that all businesses should build into their applications.

Instant Chat

Instant message software enables real-time communication with customers. With an instant chat feature on your user’s mobile device, customer service issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Most companies have a contact us page. However, this is not considered a fast way of communication for users. To offer a speedy and transparent customer service for mobile device users, consider using a messenger to handle all issues in real-time.

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