Social Discovery App Answers “What Are You Doing Tonight?” – And Only Tonight

Does the world need another social discovery app?

Doingtonight co-founders Raji Bedi, Dan Koza and Alan Laudicina think so.

“The world needs an easier way to find an answer to ‘What are you doing tonight?’” said Bedi.  “We are deadset on making that conversation easier because it’s a simple question that’s really complex. ‘Social discovery’ happens, as do many other things, as a result of making answers to this question transparent.“

To that end, the doingtonight app allows you to make and broadcast plans for tonight only – and you get a certain level of anonymity.  When you sign up (through Facebook), you can immediately disguise yourself with a nickname and picture of your choice. Even better, all activity clears at 5am.  As Bedi explained,

“People are more social, spontaneous, expressive, and outgoing at night. They wear different clothes, speak with a different slang, and walk with a different swagger. They should be able to be different in the virtual world as well, and no circle, list, or group feature fully enables people to do that on other graphs.”

With a focus on spontaneous activities, the doingtonight team is trying to avoid adding to the “noise” on social media.  “What is happening tomorrow will likely change at the last minute anyway,” said Bedi, “We are more interested in the things people do that they don’t put on a calendar. Those things tend to be a lot more fun.“

While doing market research, the San Francisco-based team discovered a lot of interesting things about the way people plan their activities.  “People make plans on what to do tonight based on who else is doing it. People even judge how fun a plan will be based on who is invited. Another example, is that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is more powerful than we thought. A huge percent of our users open doingtonight every single day to see what their friends are doing tonight.”

As a result, the app goes beyond seeing what people in your area, and in your network are doing tonight by allowing you to curate your feed, tag people in plans, and browse other feeds – and thus live vicariously.  A recent update contains a more intuitive user experience and some additional features that were requested by users.  “One metric that we are watching very closely, is that over 60% of our users open the app at least once every 5 days.”

Download the app today and start asking and answering the question, “What are you doing tonight?”

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