Startup With Google Provides Business Resources for Founders

Google has launched a new website compiling a ton of resources for startups. While it's a little self-advertising — the search giant's name features prominently in the site's title, Startup with Google — the site contains a wealth of information.

Any early-stage founders looking for the data, tools, and services that can help their entrepreneurial journey should comb through the site, which they can find here.

The site can be broken down into three sections: Tools, Best Practices, and Community. The bottom of each page offers similar pages, allowing you to leapfrog through a series of informative posts.

Featured items include Google Hire, a recruiting application that “helps organizations efficiently identify, evaluate, and employ the best candidates,” and Playbook for Developers, a “business app for Android that delivers valuable tips and strategies for succeeding on Google Play.”

“Google argues that the startups in its ecosystem have raised over $3.9 billion in funding and have created over 40,000 jobs since 2011,” TechCrunch said while summing up Google's new site.


“Google didn’t say how many of them are still around and how much money they’ve returned for their investors, but that’s a pretty big ecosystem, even if it doesn’t quite compare to numbers of more close-knit startup networks like Y Combinator.”

In most cases, the suggestions Google serves up on the site have ties to Google itself: Even the coworking spaces, accelerator programs, and events they suggest are either run by or partners with Google. Other internet resources, such as the non-profit design-centric that I mentioned in an article just yesterday, likely offer aid that does less to bolster their own bottom lines.

Still, “Startup with Google” has a lot going for it. It's free, easy to understand, and branded with one of the most recognizable internet giants out there, making it a worthwhile resource to have tucked in your digital toolbelt.

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