Meet the 9 Startups in Amazon’s Alexa Accelerator Program

Amazon is poised to take over the world before the end of the week. Between industry expanding acquisitions and revolutionary tech coming out of the Seattle-based tech giant, there’s no telling how high Jeff Bezos and his creation can fly. And if you know anything about innovation, you know that a startup accelerator is the first step to changing the game for the better, which is why the company has set up the Amazon Alexa Accelerator to spur further progress of their game-changing voice assistant technology.

The accelerator, which is powered by Techstars, was created by the Alexa Fund, a $100 million venture capital fund aimed at fueling voice technology innovation. The 13-week program is designed to support the nine startups involved through mentorship with technologists and product leaders from both of the innovative companies.

If you want to take a look at the companies poised to transform the voice technology landscape, check them out below and keep your ear to ground for innovative, voice-activated tech:


With the massive growth of sensors and edge devices, the Internet of Things faces new challenges in power (longevity) and data analytics (data overload). Aspinity addresses these issues by performing many traditional digital-processing tasks in the analog domain.


Botnik is a marketing agency that provides brands with unique chatbot design, allowing for meaningful and engaging experiences.


Also known as uTuneIn, this company allows you to test your Alexa or Google Home voice apps with their community of user testers, so you can launch your apps with confidence.

Novel Effect

Novel Effect’s initial mobile app platform syncs a movie style soundtrack to a children’s book read aloud. Using voice recognition, their patent pending technology follows along as you read your book aloud and perfectly times theme music and sound effects with you telling the story.

Play Impossible

The Play Impossible Gameball is a multi-sport, mobile device-connected ball designed for indoor and outdoor recreational activities.


Semantica helps your customer service representatives support more clients and focus on the real issues. Their artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies automatically predict possible responses and allow agents to select the best response with a single click, increasing efficiency and response times.

Sensible Object

Sensible Object is a gaming company using connected tech to create new kinds of play that bring people together from all walks of life.


Tinitell is a venture capital-backed technology company based in Stockholm, Sweden that develops a wearable mobile phone and smart locator, allowing kids to explore freely while still being connected with their parents.




Twine is a connected hardware platform for video conferencing and collaboration.


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