4 Ways Startups Leverage Social Media to Generate Buzz

Building a company from scratch takes guts and perseverance. Understanding the difference between generating buzz / excitement versus just making noise is key to your company’s short-term growth. Anyone can post on social media, but is the information you’re posting exciting your target demographic? Are you gaining a foothold in your market, or are you simply gaining followers that are unlikely to convert through your sales channel?

Let’s look at 4 ways you can jumpstart your social media efforts from day one to create valuable buzz/excitement in your target demo.

1. Show an Initial Burst in Followers and Subscribers

To get people to “like”, “subscribe” and “share” your brand, you need to be popular, or at least appear to be popular. This is just like high school. Everyone gravitated towards the popular kids and did what they did. If your company has five likes on Facebook and only 20 Twitter followers, the likelihood that someone else will take your brand seriously is pretty low.

Initially, to generate brand trust, you’ll want to investigate purchasing followers and likes. If you’re considering how to launch your Twitter with maximum impact, check out this article that gives insights on how to use Twitter to propel your company forward.

To get people to feel confident about clicking “like” or “subscribe”, build an image of online confidence with purchased subscribers and followers. This gets you past the initial lurch of trying to generate a popular brand without any followers.

2. Look at Past Post Performance to Decide Future Posting

Now that you have your first thousand followers and likes, it’s time to get serious about what you’re posting on your social media channels. Look at what the competition is posting. Review your past posts. What’s getting the most likes and comments? If you’ve found a topic or product that your followers are passionate about, keep up the great work and post more information that they’ll engage with.

3. Social Media Contests and Prizes

If you really want to generate real buzz and excitement, start a social media contest. If your company sells a really hot product, offer to give one lucky social media user a free product or service via a Facebook or Twitter raffle. One “like” and “share” equals one entry into your contest. At the end of the contest period, draw a name using a random number generator and award the prize (posting about it of course!).

There are different variations on this method, but giving away free products on social media in return for like and shares is a great way to motivate your target audience to get the word out about your brand on social media.

4. “Leak” Product and Service Information

Official press releases are a great way to tell the world about your brand or service. However, if you want to leverage your social media muscle, let secret or behind-the-scenes information out via posts on social media. This way, you’ll reward your most passionate followers with information before the general public. Everyone likes being in on a good secret!

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