Survey: Lack of Support Turns Away 30% of LGBTQ+ Applicants

42% of survey respondents say they value companies that offer "public declarations" in favor of LGBTQ+ rights.

Nearly a third of LGBTQ+ employees have decided against applying to a position at a company because it have perceived to lack a supportive culture, according to a new survey that Indeed has debuted right in time for Pride Month 2024.

Those stats get even worse for trans job seekers, with around 50% saying that they’ve screened out potential workplaces for their lack of support.

Work environments that can offer the benefits demonstrating an obvious and steady-handed support for the rights and identities of all their employees will have their pick of the best job seekers, since some of those employees will be passing up all workplaces that can’t say the same.

What LGBTQ+ Employees Look For in a Workplace

In addition to the above statistics, the Indeed survey found that one out of every four LGBTQ+ employees say they wouldn’t consider applying to a company that entirely lacked LGBTQ+ representation.

“Everyone deserves to work in environments where they feel safe, valued and accepted. They deserve to have visible role models and peers throughout the company, and they deserve to work in regions where their rights are safeguarded both legally and culturally.” – Indeed

Indeed also highlights the size of the workforce impacted by businesses’ supportive culture (or lack thereof), noting that the US LGBTQ+ workforce comprises 15 million people, according to the US Census Bureau.

In addition, a total of 515 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been introduced across the US as of May 2024. Within this sadly hostile political climate, it makes sense that queer employees are more interested in finding an accepting workplace than ever.

How Can Businesses Show Support?

The survey found a handful of stats that indicate what types of support will win over the highest percentages of LGBTQ+ job seekers. Public statements of support earned the most trust, closely followed by visible symbols of inclusion.

  • 42% of the community values companies that make or have made public declarations in favor of LGBTQ+ rights.
  • Displaying LGBTQ+ pride symbols is crucial for 35% of LGBTQ+ employees.
  • 33% of employees look for active support from leadership for LGBTQ+ employee resource groups (ERGs).
  • 31% believe support from management is essential.
  • 31% also believe in highlighting the need for accessible and respectful gender-inclusive facilities.

Remote LGBTQ+ Resources

Given that a third of respondents highlighted the need for LGBTQ+ accessibility, it’s worth mentioning the opportunity for queer remote resources, particularly since we’re currently at the start of Pride Month 2024, so it’s easier than ever to find queer events and community get-togethers, whether in-person or online.

Remote or hybrid workplaces with distributed workforces might want to point all their employees towards Virtual Pride 2024, an online calendar rounding up over a hundred free or low-cost online events celebrating or centering the queer community.

By pointing people towards fully inclusive virtual events, you’ll be supporting disabled, immune-compromised, isolated, and closeted people. In addition, since genuine public statements of support are most likely to help LGBTQ+ job seekers feel supported, your business might just open up a better class of job applications that can keep your team productive for years to come.

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