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How Technology is Changing the Modern Restaurant Business

In the hospitality industry, technology in the restaurant business is all about making things more convenient and easy to access for both the customers and the business owners. While there are quite a few ways in which hardware and software integration is affecting restaurants and diners across the nation, the following have been found to have the most profound impact on business and are also prioritized by restaurant owners, managers and customers in general.

The Call Signal

We have all faced the problem of shouting or gesturing to catch the attention of the waiter, and trivial as it may sound, it’s a very real problem that often interrupts one’s dining experience. To prevent this from happening, food joints are incorporating a modernized version of the good old calling bell that would signal to the waiter/waitress that attention is required at the table. There are various ways in which these are being implemented and they range from flashing light signals to sophisticated computer systems that link to the customer’s compatible smartphone applications directly. This is an efficient way to manage business and it’s an instant hit with the customers.

Mobile Point of Sale Systems

The most premier hotels and restaurants are shifting to mobile POS systems as opposed to the aging fixed cash counter software. Through the use of iPad systems, it allows for incredible flexibility, faster service, accurate order placements and crystal clear sales data. Whether it’s customer care, inventory management or sales tracking, mobile point of sale systems are the future. TouchBistro is the best POS system provider for mobile payments.


Dining at a good restaurant doesn’t usually come cheap and splitting the bill is both a necessity and a particularly cumbersome headache when both the group and the bill are big. This is a solution that should be provided right at the table by the establishment. We are not talking about a smartphone app which lets you pay your dues later on to each other, but an on-table solution which would allow each party to pay individually. Many establishments have realized this and how it affects people’s decisions to visit their restaurant, and as a result, more customized billing tech is being explored.

Top 7 Apps for Splitting Bills With Friends

Digital Feedback

Feedback is necessary for each and every establishment to realize what and where they are lacking, but getting that feedback isn’t as simple as it used to be. Getting people to write things while or after eating and drinking is not ideal anymore in this busy world. This is where feedback tablets come in. With just a few precise taps on the carefully selected and arranged options, a restaurateur can get the necessary feedback he/she needs from every diner to further improve service. It’s fast, convenient and efficient.

The concepts behind the technology themselves are not really new, but it’s the execution that’s innovative and has been modernized to suit the changing times. In the coming years, we will see even more standardized innovation to improve the customer experience.

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