Top 10 Parenting Apps to Make Life Easier

Parenting has been a difficult job since the beginning of time; modern parents have some advantages, though. For instance, we have numerous apps today that can do many different things for us. We have apps that tell us when it’s time to feed our kids, inform us about all the possible health issues and their solutions, create shopping-lists for us, and really anything else. Below is a set of parenting apps that will hopefully make your lives a little bit easier.

My Baby Today


My Baby Today serves as one big source for general information, tips, support, reminders, etc. on parenting. The app contains different guides on how to raise, treat, feed, put to bed, entertain, and protect your children. Apart from that, you can document your baby’s life in a photo album, read information about baby’s health, and learn more about certain parenting problems and the best ways to solve these problems. There is also a great section on health and fitness tips for mothers.

Pediatric Oncall


Pediatric Oncall is an app focused on all the aspects of babies’ health. You can read about all the common diseases and conditions, ask real doctors and medical workers for tips and recommendations, and see what hospitals, vaccination centers, or other facilities are located in your neighborhood. You can also use different calculators, such as a pregnancy calculator and growth calculator. What makes this app so great is that there’s a lot of videos with lectures and conferences from the best medical professionals in the world.



Most parents know this feeling of having their kids leave for school and worry sets in during the day, wondering if they got there and whether they will get back home safe. Pumpic is an app that tracks your kids’ location and shows it to you in real-time. Thus, you always know where your children are. Besides that, it notifies you if your kids leave certain territories that you set in the program beforehand. If your kid doesn’t go home after school but goes somewhere else, you’ll know about it immediately.


Wanna is an app for parents who want to either buy needed things for their kids or sell the things they don’t use anymore. If you want to save some money and buy from other parents in your neighborhood, this is the app for you. The app uses a smart algorithm that matches your wishes with other people’s items. So, you only need to enter what you want to sell or buy, and the program will find the closest options for you.

iFood Assistant


When babies appear in your life, you have much less time to think what you are going to cook for dinner and even lesser time to actually cook it. With iFood Assistant, you will always have an idea of what you’ll prepare for your next meal. You can see different sorts of recipes including very fast meals, meals for kids, options for those who are on a diet, etc. It can become a very useful tool for busy parents.

Pregnancy Tracker – What To Expect


This is a true gift for all the pregnant ladies. It is created by the popular pregnancy brand What To Expect When You Are Expecting. It can guide you throughout your pregnancy and ease the whole process. With this app, you can get all the information you need to make the best of this time: health tips, food tips, fitness suggestions, etc. You can also meet moms-to-be with the help of this app and share your experience.

Parenting Quotes Pro


If you are a parent and if you have a free couple of minutes once in a while, you can spend them reading quotes about parenting. They can make you laugh, get you inspired or simply make you feel that you are not alone at what you are doing. These clever short messages can actually be very useful to lighten your mood and spirit from time to time.

Magic Sleep


All parents have problems with putting their babies to bed and getting some sleep themselves. Magic Sleep is an app that aims to get you and your baby to fall asleep more quickly. It recreates the sounds heard in the womb, causing us to feel calm, safe, and sleepy. The app proves to be very effective. It is even advises to not play the sounds while you are in a car to avoid falling asleep and getting into an accident.



RedRover is an app for active parents who don’t want to become prisoners in their homes when they have a baby. The app looks for children-friendly places in different cities. You can check kid-friendly museums, restaurants, concert halls and other places and go there with the whole family.

Home Budget with Sync


When you have babies, you automatically get a load of additional expenses. It is very easy to get lost in all the bills and forget where the money goes. That is why it is very handy for all parents to have an app that tracks their expenses. Home Budget is a great choice as it is very easy to use and has all the features to track and analyze the expenses you incur.

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