The Top 10 Skills Required of IT Professionals

July 26, 2016

4:00 pm

Working in IT is no easy feat. You are surrounded by people that not only need your help, but that also have no idea how you’re helping them. And if you have to hear one more person ask if they can open their personal documents on their work computer because they saved it on Microsoft Word, you’re going to jump off a bridge. Fortunately, working with computers is your life’s passion and dealing with dummies just comes with the territory. And if you want to rank amongst the best IT professionals in the world, you need to make sure you have a particular set of skills.

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According to data from Indeed, the popular job search service, and compiled by Igloo Software, there are a fairly specific set of skills that make IT professional more attractive to potential employers. As the data showed, the most important skill of all is Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. For those that don’t know, this skill is integral for businesses because it helps different applications run smoothly and simultaneously. This necessary skill was present on 25 percent of all IT professionals’ job listings on Indeed.

APIs skills are not the only thing necessary for a successful IT professional. The data showed that a computer science degree and prowess in SQL were both present on 15 percent of IT job listings, representing the second highest necessity for aspiring IT professionals. SQL has become one of the most in-demand programming languages in recent years, making it an obvious necessity for anyone hoping to enter the technology-focused career.

If you’re wondering why anyone cares about IT jobs, you clearly haven’t done your research. IT salaries are the highest in the country, boasting an average yearly wage of $65,000, which represents a $4,000 per year difference between the next most lucrative field, finance.

If you are wondering what other necessary skills are required of well-paid IT professionals, feel free to take a look at the list below or delve further into the findings here.

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