The Top 20 Unicorn Companies in the US Right Now

Conor Cawley

Unicorns are rare. Whether it's in the business realm or in J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World, these magical creatures have unique properties that make them the most valuable entities in their respective universes. And while I would love to delve into the Harry Potter books right now, these unicorn companies are far too impressive to ignore.

Unicorn companies are businesses that have earned a $1 billion valuation. For those of you scoffing at this incredible achievement, remember: it's “billion” with a “B.” Whether it's a social media company that has revolutionized the way we interact with people or a transportation startup that has forever changed the way we get around, being a unicorn company is a dream that every startup founder has had at one point or another.

This list of unicorn companies, put together by Sage UK, lists every unicorn startup in the world. With a number of notable international companies, the list of US unicorns is a who's-who of tech giants innovating in every space from online gaming to space travel.

If you've been wondering how much the companies you've come to love are worth, check out the list below and stare in awe of these stunning unicorns:

Uber – $62.5 billion

Facebook – $50 billion

Airbnb – $30 billion

Palantir Technologies – $20.1 billion

Snap – $19.3 billion

WeWork – $16 billion

SpaceX – $12 billion

Pinterest – $11 billion

Dropbox – $10.35 billion

Zynga – $9.1 billion

Spotify – $8.53 billion

Twitter – $8 billion

Square – $6 billion

Hulu – $5.8 billion

Lyft – $5.5 billion

Stripe – $5 billion

StemCentRx – $5 billion

Groupon – $4.75 billion

Magic Leap – $4.5 billion

Cloudera – $4.1 billion









Photo: Flickr / yosuke muroya 

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