Revealed: The Top AI Skills Employers Want You to Have

The AI and short-form video job markets are booming. Here's how you can cash in on the trends.

As AI upskilling becomes an essential strategy for many, freelance company Fiverr has revealed that AI content editing, prompt engineering, and AI video creation are currently the most in-demand artificial intelligence-based skills for freelancers.

This comes as searches for “ChatGPT” and “Jasper” explode in popularity on the platform, overtaking previous social media-based queries “Facebook”, and “TikTok Video“.

AI isn’t the only trend shaking up the business landscape though, with searches for ecommerce solutions like Etsy and Shopify spiking as small business owners are placed under escalating pressure to diversify revenue streams.

Fiverr Reveals Most Desirable AI Skills in 2023

If you’re considering AI upskilling but haven’t worked out your a specialism, take note. Freelancer marketplace Fiverr has just revealed which AI skills are currently being searched the most by employers.

According to the companies 8th Business Trend Index, AI content editing is currently the most searched AI related skill, with traffic for the query skyrocketing by 10,490% in the last six months.

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“Prompt engineering” and “AI video” weren’t far behind, with searches for the terms soaring by 7,345% and 3,746% respectively since April 2023.

As businesses scramble to future-proof their processes with AI, the report also found that more general searches for AI increased by 1,088% over the same timeframe, while AI Art was up 6,967%.

“With the wider adoption of AI tools and signs of a leveling economy, the last six months have brought a new sense of momentum.” – Fiverr COO Hila Klein

The growth of the search term “AI Video” also points at the other huge area area of growth outlined in the report – short-form video production. As TikToks wild popularity disrupts the social media landscape, social media apps like Instagram and YouTube have been quick to replicate its bingeable, short-form video format.

This has resulted in a host of new opportunities for video creators and social media marketers, with Fiverr searches for “Youtube Shorts Video” increasing by an astronomical 64,624%, while searches for “Instagram Reel Editor” shot up by 4,760%.

AI Literacy Has Never Been More Important

The results of Fiverr’s survey have distilled what most of us already know – digital upskilling is no longer optional for those committed to getting ahead.

As AI continues to shape the world around us at an alarming rate, staying one step ahead with the relevant skills is paramount. Luckily there are a number of different ways workers can stay one step ahead of the curve.

With employers searching for skills relating to popular chatbots like “ChatGPT” and “Jasper” more than ever, familiarising yourself with these platforms is a simple yet effective way to advance your employment prospects.

It’s easy enough to teach yourself the basics, but if you’re serious about future-proofing your career it’ll be worth looking into AI training courses. These courses cover a wide range of topics around AI, from how the technology can be deployed across industries to its limitations and ethical risks.

Clueing yourself up doesn’t need to come at a cost, either. We compiled a list of the best free AI courses in 2023, including options from leading universities like Stanford and UPenn.

What Else Did Fiverr’s Business Trends Index Report Find?

While AI topics heavily dominated Fiverr’s 8th Business Index, it’s not the only trend picking up steam among the freelance community.

As US consumers continue to cut back on spending, small business owners have been forced to get increasingly creative to stay afloat. As a result, searches for “Etsy Sales” and “Shopify Manager” surged by 5,348% and 1,065% respectively over the past 6 months, as more and more small businesses expand their revenue streams through omnichannel selling.

But if AI or omnichannel selling isn’t your forte, now might be a good time to try your hand at claymation – with search results for the film animation method curiously shooting up by 18,654% across the US throughout the same time period.

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