Top Five Apps to Check Out This Weekend: FoodChasers, Stalag 17 and More

If it’s the weekend, then it’s party time! Have you checked your birthday calendar? If there’s no birthday party on the horizon, then it’s definitely time to take your family out to a restaurant for dinner and invite your friends to join you. For the rest of your free time, here are some apps I recommend this weekend.


In case you haven’t decided which restaurant to choose for dinner, here is FoodChasers. The app is similar to Yelp, but without the negative reviews: If the food isn’t worthy of a great review, it doesn’t deserve a place in the app. FoodChasers lets you search for restaurants across the US and Mexico: It currently includes 600 eateries in 12 major cities such as, Arlington, VA; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; etc. I’ll give you just three reasons why you’ll love FoodChasers, but I’m sure you’ll find more as you start using it: You can search for restaurants near you or in other states; you can build your own Chase list using the “Favorites” feature; and it’s integrated with Uber. FoodChasers is available for free on the App Store.


Stalag 17

iPad-only game Stalag 17 takes you back in time to WWII when everything was chaotic: Your countrymen have been captured by the enemy and they need your help to escape. However, other countries do the same, so every time a prisoner escapes, the security becomes tighter. There are two steps you’ll need to follow: (1) create a jail break plan – to determine what items you need to escape from Stalag –, and (2) fulfil the plan by collecting the items specified in the plan and, when ready, attempt an escape. Stalag 17 costs $6.99, and you can download it from the App Store.


Yeah, it’s a game with pixel art, but you know sometimes retro just feels good. Of course, you might argue with that, although I should quickly add that I’m referring to top-quality pixel art games, not the choice of “lazy developers”. Downwell is a great game in which you’ll venture down a well, and collide with the enemy or anything that hurts you. No two trips down the well are the same. I’m sure this game will keep you entertained for quite some time. Downwell costs $2.99 and is available from the App Store.


Love Rocks

The developers behind the popular Angry Birds game, Rovio, have released a new puzzle game this week, created in a partnership with musician Shakira. You’ll be asked to drop symbols and gems onto boards to create long chains and high scores along the way. Love Rocks is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play.


Run Mo Run!

Run Mo Run is for all of you who love running games. The original game from the Movement Foundation challenges you to jump over obstacles and enemies, and collect points. The collected coins can be spent on power-ups. Run Mo Run is available for free from the App Store and Google Play.



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