Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home

October 27, 2017

10:50 am

A full 98 percent of remote workers self-report that working from home enhances their productivity. Meanwhile, one study has found that only seven percent of workers function best in a typical nine-to-five office environment. And workers are responding to the facts: Nearly two thirds of the global workforce benefits from at least some remote work, up from a tiny 14 percent in May 2012.

But of course it would be nice to be paid big bucks for work that you can do from home, a local coffeeshop, or even across the world. But we can’t all be the nearly 20 percent of LinkinIn Pro freelancers who will make six figures or more in 2017 just from their freelance work. While plenty of experts are concerned the gig economy is strip-mining the freelance world for parts and services rendered, it’s possible to land those high-paying work from home positions. Here’s what job descriptions to search for in your hunt for them.

The Jobs

Granted, these are pulled from specific job listings on Glassdoor, but the salary estimators available online prove that there’s a very real need for six-figure remote positions beyond just anecdotal evidence. When you search for these job titles, you’re taking a solid step towards that dream work from home job.

Product Manager

Senior Writer

Software Engineer

Customer Success Manager

General Counsel

Director of Product Management

Creative Director

Product Security Architect

Educational Consultant

Director of Business Development

Surf through the job descriptions for each, and match the skills needed with your own job trajectory. Play your cards right and take calculated risks, and you might wind up working from home at one of these high-paying positions.


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