6 Twitter Accounts Every Digital Nomad Should Follow

It sounds like fun and games — and it can be — but being a digital nomad can also be a thankless chore. After all, you have to make sure you have either a steady stream of new gigs lined up in order to keep the revenue rolling in, or access to a reliable job that will give you long leash you need in order to keep touring countries as you work.

Luckily, Twitter is designed to connect you to just those sorts of opportunities. You just need to know which feeds to follow. Here’s a selection of the top six Twitter feeds that will fill you in the latest job openings, gigs, and general news surrounding digital nomads worldwide.

And if you’re in the tech community, all the better: Most of these accounts prioritize tech positions like engineers or developers. But then, you probably wouldn’t be reading TechCo if you didn’t like tech.


One of the most prolific accounts on this list, Remotely Awesome Jobs auto-tweets new remote job openings roughly every hour. It’s hard to argue with that output.


Nomad List is a social network for digital nomads, but you don’t have to join to get this feed to deliver the latest remote worker news and advice to you tweet by tweet. Do you know the ten locations that deserve more travelers? Did you hear about the digital nomad festival this September in Spain? You would if you followed this source.


This feed will keep you up to date on the latest remote openings for techies in a wide array of fields: Customer Support, Design, DevOps, Marketing, Network/Security, Quality Assurance, Software Development, and System Administration are all included.


This account features the latest remote positions listed on Remote OK, one of the biggest remote job boards out there. But because it’s so big, it might offer up a position that you’ve already seen on one of the above accounts, so click carefully.


This one’s a great option for writers — it tweets out a stream of options from press release writers to copywriters to reality TV reviewers. If you’re quick with a lede and love the inverse pyramid, this might become the feed you turn to the most often.


This account tweets out a steady clip of remote job openings, all from its own job board site, WeWorkRemotely.com. You’ll get the position’s title and the company that’s looking to hire in the text of each tweet, too, so you can quickly accept or reject each possibility.

Bonus: @techcohq

What, you thought we wouldn’t point you towards the best account on Twitter for learning the best news on the tech world, startup skills, and the top trends in remote work? But don’t take our admittedly biased word for it — click through and start learning more about tech and startups today!

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