How To Use Social Media To Land Your Dream Job

Social media, if used strategically, can be a great tool to network and to introduce yourself to potential employers and hiring managers. Here are five useful tips to help you find your next dream job!

Establish a professional presence

When someone searches for your name on the internet, what comes up? You need to look into this, since these days a majority of employers research prospective employees online to see what turns up. If unprofessional posts or photos are brought up by your search results, then you need to clean your online image up.

First of all, start off by taking down photos and any other information online that you do not want prospective employers to see.  Then go to LinkedIn and get a professional profile set up there, including a professional photo of yourself.  Do the same thing at Facebook, Google, Twitter and any of the other social networks that you use.

Only include relevant information

Study what other professionals that are part of your industry do in terms of presenting themselves online. Make a note of which social media networks they use and what type of information is included in their profiles. Doing that will provide you with insight into what your industry’s best practices are and will help you with developing your profile.  When filling out your profile on the various social media networks, be sure to include the main keywords that a hiring manager or recruiter is most likely to use when searching for employees to hire.

Be careful what you post online

It is important to present a professional image of yourself online, especially if you are actively looking for a job.  Whether you happen to be posting a status update on Facebook, tweeting, or blogging, it is very important for you to maintain your professional credibility and good reputation. You definitely want to avoid destroying everything you have worked hard to achieve with one careless comment on Twitter. What you say on social media can stay public for a very long time. So before sharing, posting, blogging, or tweeting, take a minute to think about it first.

Make use of privacy settings

It is important to effectively manage what information about you is available online. Personal information on your Facebook profile should be set to private. Use the Tools and Privacy Settings menus to manage what others can see.  Your personal information should be set to Friends only instead of Everyone. That way, if a prospective employer does search for you online, they will be unable to see all of your profile details and won’t be able to start delving into your personal life. Here are some tips on maintaining privacy and security online.

Add Your Social Media URLs To Your Resume

Add your social media profile URLs to your resume (the ones you wish to share publicly). This will provide another avenue for prospective employers to connect with you and enable them to view you in a professional manner. It will also show how social media savvy you are, which is a very desirable skill to have these days.

Participate in online conversations

Participating in discussion forums and online conversations can help you become recognized as a leading expert in your field. In addition, it shows that you are dedicated to contributing to the industry that you belong to. Whenever it is appropriate, you should answer questions, forward links, and share content.

Make connections with the right individuals

You can find a lot of valuable information on individuals and organizations via LinkedIn. If you are searching for employment opportunities that might not be advertised, compile a list of companies where you might be interested in working. You can use LinkedIn to find out who some of the people are who work there. Try to find ways to start making connections with some of them.  Check out any shared connections, repost their Tweets, and follow them on Twitter.

Tell people you are looking for a job

Make sure people you know are aware that you are searching for a job (unless it would put your current employment in jeopardy).  Your personal contacts tend to be the best individuals who can give you good referrals.  When a job position does become available, you want people thinking of you so they can tell you about positions that you might be interested in. One way to remind people that you are looking for a job is to post updates about interviews and other related job search activities.

Keep up with industry news

There isn’t a singular social media network that will work the best for every person looking for a job.  The most important thing is for you to be aware of which platforms are used the most by people in your industry.  Stay current with what is going on in your industry.  Participate in discussion forums, sign up for newsletters, follow industry blogs and join LinkedIn specialist industry groups.  Doing this will help you stay current with all of the latest information in your industry and give you the chance to make connections that could turn into job leads for you.

Start a blog

Consider starting your own blog so that you can have you own space in the social media world. Blogging is an excellent way for you to demonstrate your passion and expertise to prospective employers. Your blog might even get reposted, which could help gain the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter.

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