How VPNs Can Help Startups Improve Cybersecurity

It cannot be denied that there is a fast growth of internet access all over the world. By checking current numbers showed by, you will spot the live users stat at nearly 3.7 million. While it’s good to know that a lot of people have access online, this can be an opportunity for online crimes.

Businesses are becoming vulnerable to hacking, losing private information, and even taking financial hits. To make matters worse, startups that are unaware of how cyber attacks happen, blindly realize they are becoming online victims.

According to recent studies, 43 percent of cyber attacks aim for small companies. It may not be the majority, but this percentage should not fall on deaf ears. Leaving your business vulnerable online means risking its growth. Every new business out there must start looking into their cybersecurity. One way to start off is by investing on VPNs.

VPNs, also known as virtual private networks, allow internet users to be safe based on the provided IP address. In this article, we will give more understanding on what VPNs are and how small businesses can benefit.

The Benefits of VPN

VPN has been around since 1996 when Microsoft’s Gurdeep Singh-Pall was able to develop Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol. This method was the gateway for a virtual private network to be available. As time progresses, VPNs have been improved to keep up with the increase of cybercrime. Since then, various types of VPNs were introduced allowing internet users to have a more secure pathway in using the internet.

With VPN, a small business can gain different security and financial benefits that will help business growth like the following:

Reduce Operational Costs

There are times when a startup business needs long distance communication which is always costly. With VPN, this type of call will only need to connect to local servers while maintaining stable discussion between parties. This may ease out the expensive cost of international calls while making sure the lines are secure.

Minimize Risk of Security Breach 

VPNs are designed for your company and employees to stay in a safe internet zone. When they are within that secured workspace, security breach or cyber attack can be avoided. This is because VPNs encrypt all the data moving within your internet, confusing or blocking hackers.

Stay With Your Country, Even When Overseas

Since VPNs are designed to give your office users their gateway to the internet, this can be an advantage for employees traveling. There are times when some countries ban sites or internet access which may affect work. With a dedicated VPN, your staff may stay connected on this network and keep the secured work going.

How To Install VPNs and Use for Business

Connecting to a secured internet access with VPN is easy. First, you will need to connect to your company’s system similar to how you would with a free wireless network. Then you will start up a VPN connection based on the set VPN server for your company. This is usually done if you have a free or paid software. Once done, you are already in a safe and secure internal network for your work.

Depending on how you got your VPN network, there are also other ways to install it. You don’t need to be a tech guy though to make it work. Just make sure to have the right VPN details, and you’ll be good to go in no time. Also when a new staff comes in, make sure to secure his internet connection with the company’s VPN to avoid a breach in security. Better yet, have your VPN installed in your company router, so anyone who connects is secured.

Available VPNs for Businesses

There are quite some VPNs available for startups. Here we’ve listed three great choices you can go for:

Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN was built by three guys from Hungary who were not satisfied with the available VPNs in their country. Since then, the product has come a long and successful road with 37 countries being involved. Some of the positive notes small businesses can check here are its ease of use, reliability, and fast connection. It is a paid software but offers 30 days money back guarantee if you think it’s not the best fit for your company.

Express VPN

Simply put, Express VPN has a kill switch and IP leak protection. These are critical items in case a security protocol has been breached which can potentially expose your company’s privacy. It’s easy to install and use, but the downside could be the limit to simultaneous connections.


If you’re after that silent but efficient VPN software, CyberGhost might be good to look at too. It has system-wide and per-app kill switch which is great for security choices. Depending on your browsing choices, the software will adjust its VPN settings.

Wrapping It Up

Cybersecurity can be nerve-wracking for anyone, particularly to small businesses who may seem vulnerable. Some startups out there may have already failed their business goals with security leak. When this happens, it can be traumatizing not just for the company owner but to the staff as well. This is why companies must take time to beef up their online privacy.

The development of higher security features like VPN makes small businesses equip. Whether it is a free or paid VPN system, the encryption features and secured workspace keep company information in the boundary. Just remember that when deciding which VPN tool to go for, consider your business factors. These are company capacity, budget, and manpower that will require the secured connection. After all, your company’s secured growth must be aligned with the current volume, needs, and goals you have to stay safe online.

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