5 Ways Google Glass Can Make Your Life Better

If you’ve seen Google Glass in the news, you’ve probably had two reactions to it: an initial chuckle at how silly it looks (almost as silly as a Bluetooth headset) and then not knowing what you’d actually need it for.

You’ve probably read stories about how it could be a threat to our privacy – you could be filmed or have your photo taken without you knowing it (to which I would argue that it is no more a threat than smartphones or long lenses).

But Google Glass isn’t just a fancy camera, or a (not very secret) spying tool. It has huge scope for the end user: it is a tool to make your life easier and make you more informed. Don’t believe me?

Check out these five examples of just how cool Google Glass is!

1. Learn about the world around you


Glass Museum

Credit: https://www.guidigo.com/Glass

On a field trip to Stonehenge? Need a guide for that museum you’re wandering around on a lazy Sunday? Then make sure that you take your Google Glass with you!

With apps such as Fieldtrip On Glass and Guidigo, you can find out all you need to know about your surroundings without having to refer to a smartphone or a paper guide. All the information you need is available right in front of you, at the touch of a button!

2. Become a master of general knowledge 

We’ve all been there…sitting in the pub/coffee shop/living room with our friends, and we need to check a fact or work out what song is playing.

In days gone by, we would have all scrambled for our smartphones, loaded up Google, Shazam, or IMDb, searched for the answer, and hoped that we had beat our friends to it.

Now, with Google Glass, just press a button, ask a question, and the answer is delivered to you in a heads-up display!

This great video shows some of Google’s staff having some fun with it!

3. Get fit


Credit: http://www.glassappsource.com/

If you’re into fitness in a big way, or even just a beginner who needs a bit of support, Google Glass will improve your workouts to no end.

From guiding you through workouts, and tracking your moves with the LynxFit app (no more timing yourself on your smartphone, or counting in your head!) to racing yourself, running a marathon, or running away from zombies (yes really!) with the Race Yourself Glass app, it really is there to help you get motivated and to get fit!

Check out this video of the app in action!

4. Enjoy great customer service 

Virgin Glass

Credit: www.virgin-atlantic.com

Ever wish that the check-in staff at your airport had a little bit more information about your flight without having to consult with their computer? Wish that they knew you were vegetarian straight away, without checking a crumpled piece of paper?

Well then, you’re in luck!

At least you’re in luck if you’re flying with Virgin Atlantic. Since running a successful pilot scheme in February to try and improve customer experience, they are now reviewing the feedback and are looking to “use the technology to continually improve our customers’ experience.”

Great stuff – I can’t imagine it will be long before other companies are following suit.

5. Get cooking

Glass Cooking

Credit: www.glassalmanac.com

For those of you who love to get into the kitchen and follow delicious recipes, then the Google Glass cooking apps will be something that you won’t know how you lived without!

No more sticky fingers on recipe books and iPads, no more having to step away from the sauce that needs constant supervision to check something in the recipe – in fact, no more recipe books. Google Glass has it right there in a heads-up display!

Bon appétit!

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