7 Websites That Keep Entrepreneurs Up to Speed on the Latest Trends

There’s a particular type of entrepreneur that loves a good side-hustle. The options are well-established: eBay flipping, Dropshipping, and affiliate marketing through a niche website are all practically tropes. But to get a foothold, you’ll need to pick a trend that people care about. And given the fickle nature of internet trends, you’ll eventually need a new one.

How can you easily keep up on the latest trends? That’s the question that the r/entreprenuer subreddit recently tackled, and here are a few of the options that they settled on.


This site is focused on breaking news about “marketing related trends and industry changes.” They have a specialty in ecommerce, so this is definitely a site to pay attention to if you want to stay up to date on the internet trends most relevant to web retailers.

Google Trends

Google can let you in on the major trends, as defined by what the most people are searching for. Just search for your product or service in Google Trends, scroll down to the “related queries” section, and selection the “rising” option in order to get a glimpse of what’s on the rise.


Client-growth consultancy Prophet runs a blog focused on the three primary areas it knows, as its About page explains: “creating relevant brands and customer experiences; driving accelerated growth strategies; and leveraging digital as a transformative force.”


This fast-paced blog updates often, and focuses on the most cutting-edge trends — not necessarily ones that will become widely adapted. But then again, once a trend is widely known, it’s not much of a trend.

Cool Business Ideas

This blog does what it says on the tin: Cites and analyzes cool business concepts.


And so does this one, which has been featured on sites including Hubspot and Entrepreneur.com.


Founded by the trend and innovation experts Piers Fawkes and Hedy Parsia, this site offers plenty of insights and events beyond its blog, but keeping up with the blog or newsletter will guarantee you stay on top of marketing and media trends.

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