Different Technologies Making Up Today’s Smart Home

“Smart technologies” are getting more functional and cheaper and, as a result, ore popular these days. Smart phones, smart glasses, smart watches, smart bracelets and even smart clothes have appeared on the shelves of hi-tech stores in the last couple of years. Soon: smart homes. Actually, the idea of a smart home is not brand new and has been developing for several decades. However, technologies that transform your house into hi-tech devices are pricey, hence the slowed progression of its popularity. Here are some home devices that could potentially make your house smarter than you in the future.

Robots Assistants

Well, robotic vacuum cleaners, such as Roomba, are not a wonder anymore. There’s now also the Mint, which can wash your floors, and Mirra, a robot that washes swimming pools. At this year’s CES, a window-cleaning robot (Winbot) was presented. While such “smart” and highly functional machines as those from I, Robot or Bicentennial Man do not exist yet, but developers have already created robot assistants, such as Hector, a robot that reminds its owner to take necessary medication, take a walk, or make a call.

Smart Fridge

The smart fridge is a new revolution in the kitchen. Through the screen, a user can get information about the freshness of food, find recipes of dishes from ingredients available, or just put a nice photo as a screensaver instead of fridge-magnets. You can synchronize your smart fridge with your phone or tablet and get notices about which products you have or need to buy. It is also interesting that you can program your smart fridge so it could automatically purchase the food automatically for you through online delivery services  There are also some models with a built-in camera that can take a picture of you each time you drop by and then place the photo on the screen or even upload it to your social network accounts.

Smart Coffee Machine

Nowadays, even your coffee can be made for you through a smart coffee machine. This device also has an alarm clock that you can set for any time you like.

Smart Mirror

The magic mirror from fairy tales has finally become a reality. Several tech-developing companies have released similar devices for bathroom and halls. Smart mirrors can function as displays, on which the user can read their various social news feeds, watch weather forecasts, or check email. These mirrors also have the potential to become personal fitness coaches.

Smart Desk

2015 saw several companies come out with a variety of smart desks – of sorts. . These tables are equipped with wireless charging systems for mobile gadgets and image output. All you need to do is to put your smartphone on a marked place on the table and soon its battery will be full of energy again, and meanwhile you can enjoy watching pictures or videos right on the table’s surface.

Smart Lock

Smart locks allow people to use a mobile phone instead of a regular key to lock their doors. Download a special application on your phone, authorize in the system and you will be able to control access to your house with just one movement. The smart lock owner can also open a temporary or permanent access to the house for other people – friends, relatives or just visitors.

Smart Home Systems

Thanks to modern technology an ordinary house turns into a smart space where literally every device can have a mind of its own. For example, the little thermostat, Nest, helps to save electrical energy at your house – it turns off heating when there’s nobody at home, and with its mobile application the user can adjust temperatures remotely. Another interesting power-saving system is WeMo. It allows you to control all the electrical devices at the house from a smartphone.

Smart Lights

“Smart” lights and lighting systems work in different way, using existing home networks and provide a wide range of functions. You can adjust the lighting any way you like – change the color, set the brightness, or even set a timer.


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