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Wix Is Now Offering Website Development Training Program

Website development and design is a continuously growing field, and there are opportunities for people to fill many roles within this niche. After all, each individual and company has different website needs based on their budget and overall goals. Although some companies seek out developers who can use coding to develop custom sites, there are still numerous opportunities for creators who want to work within a specific platform such as Wix. Wix recently launched an online educational community to help fill this particular role and teach creative individuals how to start their own web design business.

What Exactly is WixEd?

WixEd is a certification program that teaches participants the necessary skills to create high quality websites for customers using the platform. This is beneficial for developers who are interested in building their business model within an affordable DIY platform. Even though Wix is not hard to use, many companies do not have the time or skill to bring their own website visions to life. This gives Wix Certified Webmasters the ability to use their knowledge to serve an important and potentially lucrative role.

How Does WixEd Benefit Clients?

Clients can save money on the hosting portion of having a website by working with Wix because they also offer affordable hosting for all of their websites. Additionally, designers who create sites on and other similar platforms are likely to offer a much more affordable rate than those who create custom coded websites. Finally, because Wix is so intuitive, clients can easily learn how to maintain their own websites. They don’t need to rely on and pay a developer every time they want to change a photo, update text or add a new page to their site. A WixEd designer is great for small to mid-tier clients who want a great website without going over budget. Meanwhile, the Webmasters can launch a business without needing to pay an exorbitant amount of money to earn a degree.

Additional Tools for Webmasters

Simply getting a certification from as a website designer may not be enough for most people to launch a successful business. With this in mind, WixEd features three courses: Wix Webmaster, Wix Marketing and Wix Business. These courses are designed to give fledgling Webmasters an intensive crash course in everything from website photography to managing contracts and accounting. WixEd students also have access to a private Facebook group, where they can bounce ideas off of Wix Certified Webmasters and the WixEd staff.

How Does WixEd Work?

The lessons for each WixEd course are offered in video format. Following each video, participants are given a quiz and a homework assignment. At the end of the course, the Webmaster must pass a final interview before receiving his or her certification, and most users take two to three weeks to complete the entire program.

Experts from a variety of fields have been tapped to provide the information presented within each video, and there are staff members available to answer questions and grade homework assignments.

Does WixEd Lead to a Viable Webmaster Career?

There are influencers that give testimony towards WixEd’s effectiveness. Yuval Finkelstein is running the WixEd program, and he indicated that,

“It’s not only about building websites; it’s about being the person who is responsible for the online presence of a small business.”

And Wix Certification graduate Mariedyth G., of MNF Web Solutions, praised the program pointing out that,

“WixEd helped me make things happen! It gave me the tools to start a web design business that is portable and flexible.”

Ultimately, the people who get the most out of WixEd will be those who are committed to making their own business work. Being a Wix Webmaster offers an easy way to get your foot in the industry, especially if you prefer to get started quickly and work with a DIY platform.

Image by Unsplash (Public Domain), via Flickr

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