4 Yoga Devices That Will Make You Say Namaste

Yoga is about more than stretch and accidentally farting. It’s about finding your center and relieving stress when entrepreneurship has gotten a little too intense. The popularity of this workout tactic has exploded in recent years, and those that partake in classes and at-home exercises swear by its healing powers.

While a lot of people use yoga to escape from their hectic lifestyle, adding a little technology to the mix can make things a little easier and a lot more fun. Sure, you’ve got your yoga pants, your mat, and your balancing ball. But what yoga devices could you add to your workout routine to make it more fun?

Smart Mat

Smart Mat is the world’s first intelligent yoga mat. This is one of the more revolutionary yoga devices, as the mat can give you personalized feedback for what you need to improve on in the middle of your yoga session.

The mat has pressure sensors embedded within it to link up with your smartphone or tablet, giving you a real time heat map and responsive feedback. It gives you a more in depth yoga experience, and will help you improve by giving you precise corrections that you wouldn’t even receive at a class.

Yoga By Numbers

Yoga By Numbers is an app that can help you get the most out of your routine.  It’s a convenient, customizable, and cost effective system for learning and practicing yoga for everyone from beginners to advanced yogis alike. You can learn the fine points of particular poses, view instructional videos, and get advice from some of the top instructors around the world.

Wii Fit Plus Yoga

Wii Fit Plus Yoga is the best way to take advantage of yoga devices. It connects through your Nintendo Wii and can provide you with everything from perfect poses for your body type to realistic training that makes you feel like you are in a class. You can even get deep breathing advice that will make the experience more transcendent than ever before.


Enflux is a yoga wearable that will bring hi-tech information to your yoga routine. With a small device that can keep track of everything from heart rate to breathing patterns, you’ll be able to keep abreast of your entire workout. With Enflux, you’ll improve your form, generate more power, and get better results, whether you’re a world class athlete or learning to do yoga for the first time. And it’s as simple as putting on a shirt!

Photo: Flickr / Matt Madd

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