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Nextiva Phone System Review

June 20, 2018

11:15 am

Nextiva provides cloud-based technology for business communications.

A leading name in IP phone services and Unified Communications for businesses large and small, the company specializes in 3 main areas: business VoIPcall centers, and PBX SIP trunks.

In addition, Nextiva offers digital management tools to coordinate your phone systems. Accessed from a desktop or mobile interface, employees can work on the go, while administrators can update service and monitor worker productivity.

With its hosted services, the company maintains all necessary hardware in a secure, off-site location. It oversees the equipment, so that your IT department can work more efficiently.

Customers such as Burger King, Allstate and IBM have all used Nextiva’s VoIP services.

Product, Service and Solutions Overviews

  • Business VoIP
  • Call Center
  • PBX SIP trunks

Business VoIP

With Nextiva Office, businesses get a robust, multi-featured VoIP plan.

In addition to common VoIP features such as unlimited calling and mobility, the plan allows you to moderate and record HD audio conferences, as well as integrate business collaboration tools such as IM and SMS into your call management interface.

Rather than trying to oversee separate services for voice, video, mobile and web collaboration, Nextiva also allows you to combine them in a single communications system.

Nextiva Office pricing plans come in 3 categories:

Office Pro ranges from $19.95 / month for a 12-month agreement and over 100 users through $34.95 / month on a month-to-month basis for 1-4 users.

Office Pro Plus runs between $22.95 and $37.95 / month depending on type of payment plan and number of users. You also get a conference bridge feature as well as access to the Nextiva mobile app.

Office Enterprise includes the most features, and ranges from $29.95 and $44.95 / month.

Call Center

Nextiva’s cloud-based call center eliminates the need for costly, complex equipment, while allowing your business to unite its on-premise and virtual call agents through a single dashboard.

The technology can also be optimized to smartly route incoming calls to agents or teams based on particular skill sets.

Other call center features include incoming call details, call recording, 3-way conference call, and auto attendant.

When selecting the service, you have 2 options: Call Center Pro and Call Center Enterprise. Both share core functionality including conditional call routing, one-click transfers, CRM and Outlook integration and more.

However, Enterprise exclusively offers priority queue management and routing, silent monitoring for training purposes, and other quality assurance features.

PBX SIP trunks

To reduce costs associated with traditional voice plans, Nextiva offers PBX SIP trunks.

The trunks can easily be configured with your existing PBX system to consolidate voice and data into a centralized connection.

When you purchase an all-inclusive SIP plan, you’re provided with unlimited trunks or lines, get access to HD voice, messaging and video, and can take advantage of unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada.

PBX SIP trunks are available as Metered and Unmetered plans (neither require contracts or set up fees).

Metered starts at $14.95 / month (plus $0.008 per minutes), and Unmetered is as low as $24.95 / month.

Case Studies

Austin Cake Ball

Austin Cake Ball is a popular bakery that resides just north of the Texas capital city. Situated within the swanky Copper Restaurant & Dessert Lounge, ACB experiences high call volume, especially during the holidays.

Customers call to make reservations for the restaurant or to order delicious cakes for special occasions.

So when office manager, Christi Greene discovered that some callers were failing to connect because of overwhelmed lines, she knew she had to switch phone service providers.

As a result, Greene sought out Nextiva. The company provided Austin Cake Ball with a more robust and capable VoIP phone system.

Plus, Greene was impressed with the excellent customer service. Rather than being sent through endless automated menus when placing a call, Nextiva’s support system connected her with a live agent right away.

Greene now rests easy knowing that all customer communications are being handled.


The News Distribution Network provides short-form video content to news outlets, and reaches 146 million viewers worldwide.

With over 100 employees spread throughout 3 offices, NDN needed a reliable, multi-faceted phone system that could keep pace with the 24/7, breaking-news deadlines of the media.

The company enlisted Nextiva to provide it with a reliable, scalable VoIP system.

In addition to the system’s superior call quality, the central office in Atlanta can ship phones out to their other offices and have them up and running in no time, thanks to Nextiva’s easy implementation.

With Nextiva, NDN can always count on hassle-free communication with their partners in The Associated Press, MLB, and others.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Whether you’re a small company with a medium-size telecom budget, or a mid to large-scale business, Nextiva’s phone systems can be adjusted to meet almost any company’s needs.

The company provides advanced features in its VoIP and Call Center plans (some are even included in its more basic offerings), and its SIP trunks have comparable if not superior quality and flexibility to those of its competitors.


Nextiva’s VoIP for business is reliable and easy to use.

The service deploys quickly and training employees how to use it takes very little time. Even those who are not particularly adept at technology can figure it out.

The call center promises conditional call routing, and delivers. You may have to spend a little time configuring and integrating it with your existing CRM, but it’s worth it.

If you need to update contact information based on a phone call, you can do it right from one central interface.

The main services can be scaled to work with a variety of business sizes. However, if your company needs a bare-bones VoIP plan, Nextiva might prove to be overwhelming.

Additionally, large enterprises that require more enhanced collaboration may benefit from a service with greater Unified Communications services.

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