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April 26, 2019

10:12 am

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  • Established: 2008
  • HQ: Lindon, UT, US
  • Intuitive interface
  • A bit pricey
  • Wide variety of support

Smart, worthwhile, easy-to-use performance management software.

BambooHR offers a one-stop-shop for business software. As well as HR services, it provides a performance management module that includes reviews, reports, and feedback. It's available in a readable format, which nudges users towards actionable communication through comments and automated notifications. It also comes with a wide range of support, including online content, guides, and videos.

Granted, BambooHR's phone support is only 12/7, and its prices are a little higher than the industry average. But given the service's ease of use, as well as its robust feature set, are these shortcomings worth it? Read on to find out.

  • Free 7-day Trial
  • 12/7 Support
  • Serves all business sizes

With over 13,000 client organizations in operation today and more than 1.11 million employees using it, BambooHR's software has a pretty big footprint in the HR and performance management industries. While BambooHR's main focus is HR management software, it includes performance management software as an add-on within its suite of services.

BambooHR's software program allows employees to communicate with team leads and executives. This well-reviewed service comes in two tiers – Essentials and Advantage – but its performance management tools are available as an add-on module rather than through the two main plans.

This review looks primarily at BambooHR's performance management features. These allow businesses to track the performance of employees, teams, and their entire organization, using specific metrics which are clearly communicated to all employees and supervisors.

Here, we'll cover BambooHR's core features, as well as its broad range of support options. We'll then explain more about its pricing structure, before delivering our final verdict on how useful a service it offers.

In this guide:

BambooHR: Core Performance Management Features

BambooHR's Performance Management add-on lets employees create goals, document feedback for themselves, their managers and their peers, and fill out regular assessments. Using this information, managers can generate reports for employees, or the entire company. Here's a bit more detail about the main features that let all this happen.

BambooHR user profile infoUser Profiles

When logged in, users will see a left-hand sidebar featuring information about their position. This includes their hire date, their department, their location, their manager, and their direct reports. A menu bar across the top of their screen divides the software into its main categories: Personal, Job, Benefits, Documents, Training, and Assets. It's an intuitively designed interface that lets users keep track of their goals, data, and relationships to others within the company.

Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews are never fun, especially when they take the form of an hours-long flop-sweaty annual event. Like many performance management services, this is one essential chore that BambooHR streamlines and smooths out. Instead of a yearly review, employees can receive regular, frequent feedback throughout the year – a practice that lets rewards be delivered after successes, rather than at the end of the year.

Employees can log into BambooHR to answer questions about their work and their managers at set intervals across the year (every three months is a popular option). These set, specific questions leave less room for subjectivity, making the process more transparent and fair. The entire timeline can be reviewed quickly within the software. In addition, employees and managers can collaborate on goals, which come complete with due dates, a bar that tracks percentage of completion, and a commenting function.

Talent Management

Springboarding off the performance reviews, BambooHR's performance appraisal software helps managers know what to do with the information they're tracking. Greater accuracy leads to smarter decisions: Managers can easily figure out the next action needed for each employee, from bonuses or promotions to disciplinary actions. Custom email alerts can also be created to ensure no employee milestones are missed.

BambooHR employee performance report

Employees will feel like they are being heard, and will stay engaged with the company as a result. And, since talent management all happens slowly and clearly, no one feels ambushed or surprised by the result.

Employee Performance Reports

Finally, managers can generate visually rich reports in order to get a full picture of the entire company's performance, and where each employee stands in relation to other individuals and teams. Employees can be displayed on a chart, with engagement levels tied to an X axis and performance levels tied to a Y axis. This chart automatically locates the rock stars who may feel under-valued, and the low-performers who might need better incentives.

Video Highlight: Customer Reviews

Here's one video showcasing how BambooHR's Customer Reviews feature helped a company trim down their laborious hours-long review process, and turn it into a simple, useful part of their performance management process. A few of the keys to their success? Getting specific and keeping supervisors on the same page as employees. Watch the rest of this six-minute video for more.

Set Up and Customer Support

BambooHR offers a phone support line which is open 12 hours a day for its customers, as well as email support that can be accessed through a support request form on BambooHR's website.

In addition, a number of online resources are available 24/7 to anyone with an internet connection, including a help center, blog, content library, webinar library, HR Glossary, and a series of tutorial videos hosted on YouTube.

Customers can also share feedback though a Product Feedback form on the service's website.

Support & Training

Support options

  • Online Form
  • Phone: 1-866-387-9595
  • Phone hours: 6 am – 6 pm MT

Training options

  • Help center
  • Online videos

BambooHR Plans and Pricing

The base BambooHR Essentials package starts at around $6 per employee per month, with the Performance Management add-on available for an additional undisclosed price. You'll need to contact BambooHR's sales team to find out the exact cost for your business.

Once you have the number, feel free to try's quick quotes collection form, which can help you compare BambooHR's cost to other leading performance management software providers.

Live demos of the software can be scheduled, while a 7-day free trial is also available.

The Verdict

BambooHR offers robust features wrapped up in a smart, easy-to-understand interface. Given that the point of Performance Management Software is to increase efficiency, that's a good thing. The service's prices, while not the cheapest, are reasonable, making BambooHR a recommended software solution.

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