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Help a Reporter Out: A service that connects journalists with sources for their articles. As an entrepreneur, you can sign up to get alerts when journalists are looking for sources around your expertise, industry, or other keywords.

Thunderclap: A platform where you create a campaign and people commit to tweeting about your product. If you meet your goal (say, 1,000 tweets), all those tweets get sent out at the same time, creating a “thunderclap” of buzz.

Events: Besides Celebrate, there are plenty of other events like TechCrunch Disrupt, LAUNCH, SXSW Interactive, International CES, Techweek, Women 2.0 PITCH, and, of course, DEMO. For varying fees, these all offer startups a stage or platform to share their story or even compete for cash and other prizes. The challenge you face launching a product at big events is that it can be difficult to get attention amidst the ruckus.

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