Check Out These 9 Incredibly Unique Uses for 3D Printing

April 12, 2016

3:44 pm

3D printing has been the technological breakthrough of the new millennium. It has saved people from heart failure with new organs and it has provided military personnel with reusable and recyclable weapons to make life in the field a little easier. But with essentially unlimited possible uses, people are taking advantage of the simplicity of 3D printers for a variety of purposes.

For those that aren’t aware of this incredible technology, 3D printing was invented as early as 1986. The process is simple: printers take digital 3D models and transforms the files into a physical object. Investors and spectators alike were originally interested in the raw capabilities of these types of machines. But as technology improved, the possible uses of this kind of machine became too enticing to pass up.

While this technology may seem like it could only be found in a James Bond villain’s underground lair, 3D printers are more available than ever. You can find a variety of different models in stores like Best Buy, Walmart and Home Depot. Online retailers are also getting in on the fun with models available on websites like Amazon.

Check Out These Unique 3D Printing Uses

New Balance Releases 3D-Printed Shoes

Mattel Unveils 3D Printer for Vintage 1960s Toys

Companies Use 3D Printing to Create More Supportive Bras

Restaurant Has Nothing But 3D-Printed Food

3D Printing BioPen Let’s Doctors Draw with Stem Cells

Rembrandt Masterpiece Recreated by 3D Printer

Ancient City of Palmyra to be Recreated with 3D Printing

3D Printed Houses are Safe to Live In

NFL Star Breaks Arm, Uses 3D-Printed Plate to Play

Are there other unique applications of 3D printing that you’ve seen? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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