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Why Go to TechDay NYC? For the 450 Startups, 1,000 Open Jobs, and $20B in Venture Capital


Hey, people of NYC: have you registered yet for tomorrow’s TechDay? No? Why not? I mean, it’s free. Do it now – register. Seriously. Done? Great. Did you realize that not attending tomorrow’s TechDay means skipping out on the opportunity to network with more than 400 startups from NYC and the rest of the world?  From popular sites like College HumorElite Daily, and Gilt, to great startups like UberZocDoc, and CommonBond? And for those looking to 1) switch gears in the careers, 2) give up on their anthropology Ph.Ds, or 3) move out of their childhood homes in Greenwich, CT, going to TechDay NYC means the opportunity to land a job at one of these great companies.


From last year’s TechDay NYC (via TechDayNYC)

TechDay NYC will be tomorrow, Thursday, April 24, from 9:30am to 5pm, and will be held at Pier 92. This is some major growth from last year, increasing the amount of floor space from last year’s 27,000 square-feet to Pier 92’s 77,000 square-feet. Understandable, though, when you consider the 450+ exhibitors expected to show, plus the 10,000+ expected attendees (co-founder Alex Hartman says they hope to expect upwards of 16,000 attendees).

Founded in 2011 by Hartman, co-founder of DigitalOcean (of Techstars fame) and CEO of NYC DevShop, and Jesse Podell, a former Wall Street trader, TechDay NYC was created as a way to bring the then-nascent NYC tech community together. “From day 1, TechDay’s focus has been: 1) to help find talent and support, 2) to get press for the startups, and 3) to find early investment to help them gain traction in the market,” says Hartman.

And the event has accomplished exactly those goals in the past two years, bringing together hundreds of startups, potential employees, various publications, and billions of dollars of venture capital (last year, the event saw over $20 billion in venture capital, not including angel investments) in one central location, for one day. Since year 1, when the event was still new, and only invited NYC-based startups, TechDay NYC has expanded its influence across the country and abroad, pulling institutions and startups from the U.S. and beyond. Students from 58 universities are expected to attend, as well as startups from abroad.

For Hartman, the whole point of TechDay NYC is to bring the NYC startup community together, and to show each of them that there’s a wide net of support in the city for them. It’s also a way to really get things off the ground, whether you’re a startup or a person: “TechDay is really kind of like a springboard for people who want to make it in tech.”

So, I mean, what are you doing? Register now.

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