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Can’t Code? It’s Not a Problem Anymore With Apptimize


Apptimize, an A/B testing platform, today announced the launch of their long awaited Visual Apptimizer version for Android. The company got its start last summer when they rolled out their iOS test platform, and since then, there’s been a tremendous demand for an Android counterpart.

They’ve also raised over $2.1 million in seed funding to date from big names like Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, and Google Ventures. The platform lets developers implement updates without having to code, but the fact that it’s now on Android is appealing to users in and of itself.

“One of our Google Ventures investors, Rich Miner, is a founder of Android and the first version of our SDK was actually for Android,” says Nancy Hua, Apptimize co-founder and CEO. “Now that the majority of devices are Android, with a huge variety of form factors, we see a big demand for optimizing your app for each device and platform combination.”

According to Hua, those form factors can have a big impact on your app’s performance and on how people use your app. Thus, Apptimize’s A/B testing takes on a new level of importance when it comes to controlling your app and reacting quickly to ensure a good experience for your users.

“The ROI on A/B testing to tailor your app for each user segment and platform combination in the increasingly fragmented Android universe is very high,” say Hua.

And at the end of the day, the most important part of Apptimize is the fact that non-developers, product managers, or other non-technical team members can issue or disable live updates without any programming background. Oh, and the Apptimize SDK can be dropped into any native app within seconds. Happy coding, or should I say non-coding, my friends.



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