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Here Are the Top Feeder Schools You Should Attend If You Want a Job at Google, Apple, or Facebook

Top Feeder Schools to Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon

As the spring semester approaches, college students across the country are all likely busily brushing up their resumes and diligently applying and interviewing for jobs at some of the top companies in the world. I remember it fondly, from both friends and random people alike – the nervous and stressed tension as we waited for responses from potential… Read more »

One Month’s Learning Library Teaches Tech Skills in Under a Minute


Lately it seems like everywhere I turn, One Month is building up their online course selections or offering scholarships for women in tech. Continuing the trend, One Month this week launched a new initiative called The Learning Library, a free resource that houses over 100 topics related to coding, design, and entrepreneurship. These bite-sized snippets of information… Read more »

New Study Suggests That Men Who Take Selfies Might Be Psychopaths

Men Who Take Selfies May be Psychopaths

Sorry, guys, but if you’re all about that #selfie life, then you might be a psychopath. According to new research from The Ohio State University, men who posted more selfie pictures of themselves scored higher on measures of narcissism and psychopathy. Further, men who took the time to edit their pictures before posting them to… Read more »

Warby Parker Lets You Make Your Own Annual Report…Except More Fun

Warby Parker Make-Your-Own Annual Report

Warby Parker – the New York, NY-based eyeglasses startup that has every traditional, prescription eyeglass retailer fearing for survival – released its 2014 annual report yesterday, but in a way that’s a little more atypical from other companies. Rather than releasing a digital packet of information that most people would be unlikely to read, the… Read more »

NASA and Nissan Will Build Self-Driving Vehicles for When We Move to Mars

nissan nasa autonomous

What can NASA learn from automaker Nissan? A lot, apparently. The two companies announced a five-year partnership where engineers from both companies will working together to develop the robo-cars for cities on Earth and other planets. Specifically, Mars. The idea is to develop and test zero-emission autonomous vehicles. Nissan has already been testing cars that can navigate… Read more »

New Microsoft Podcast Features George Takei in First Episode

George Takei on Next at Microsoft Podcast

The Next at Microsoft blog is a place where the company highlights some of the greatest upcoming innovations that could have potentially dramatic effects on our overall society. Often featuring people from various industries providing their expertise or their opinions on what’s next in technology, the stories featured on the Next at Microsoft provide great… Read more »

SpeechBooth Launches Self-Sufficient Video Message Platform for the Perfect Wedding


The Boston, MA-based startup SpeechBooth has launched an app-based video message recording unit for major events, like weddings, business conferences, retirement parties, and bar/bat mitzvahs. The idea is to make events memorable through video, without having to hire a videographer. The company has spent the last year building, testing, and perfecting a brand new way… Read more »

Not Ready for the Cloud? You’re Already Using It

cloud storage

Businesses can’t seem to stop talking about cloud computing. It feels like the term is everywhere, with many companies acting like it’s the solution to every issue your organization faces. There’s little doubt that the cloud has become extremely popular in the past few years, but some companies are reluctant to take that final step…. Read more »

Can Miami Become a Bitcoin-Friendly City?


Miami is starting to dig the counterculture vibe of Bitcoin. In the next two weeks, there will be a hackathon and a conference dedicated to Bitcoin. And if that isn’t enough, in the last Art Basel, there was a physical bitcoin faucet art installation (“BIT by DRIP”) where people could scan their bit-wallet QR code… Read more »

Seismic Attracts $20M in Capital to San Diego


To all those who think San Diego has an issue with attracting capital, think again. Seismic today announced that they successfully closed a Series B funding round in which they were able to raise $20 million. JMI Equity led the funding round, and Seismic is planning on investing the money to bolster their product innovation… Read more »