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PillPack Announces $8.75 Million in Funding


PillPack is a digital pharmacy that helps users easily manage their medications. Created by PharmD and TJ Parker, the company recently secured $8.75 million in funding. Led by Accel Partners, with participation from Atlas Venture, the round will help scale operations and grow their customer base, according to a press release. “PillPack is a seamless… Read more »

Crunchbutton Aims to be the “Uber of Food Delivery”


“Push a button. Get food delivered.”   That’s the motto for Crunchbutton, a food delivery app, seamlessly connecting a network of college kids to bring food to your door. You want quick and easy food? Crunchbutton remembers your previous order and allows for one-click ordering. Your favorite restaurant doesn’t deliver? No problem- Crunchbutton is a delivery… Read more »

Will the Apple Watch Live Up to the Hype?


Where were you during Apple’s latest keynote? If you had been wearing an Apple Watch, you would have known exactly where you were on September 9th. You also would have been able to monitor the change in your heart rate with each new Apple announcement, check on your Apple stock holdings, text a friend, and a… Read more »

How to Close Your Fundraising Round


It is a lot of hard work to raise money from investors. The process can be grueling and require leaping through a variety of different hoops as part of “due diligence.” Waveborn Sunglasses spent the past three months working with accredited investors to raise $500,000. Here are some of the best strategies to leverage at the… Read more »

Spor: Your Solar-Powered Phone Charger


Charge your mobile phone (or any USB-powered device) with a solar panel – it’s an interesting and innovative concept that’s been turned into a device called Spor. Spor is a self-regenerating battery charger for USB devices, according to their site. The device is easy to use and offers access to a power source that fits… Read more »

Marc Andreessen and Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Donate $500K to Support Women and Minorities in Tech


Andreessen Horowitz‘s Marc Andreessen and his wife and philanthropist Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen are donating $500,000 to Code2040, Girls Who Code, and Hack the Hood, USA Today reported. All three nonprofit organizations support diversity in tech through education, internships, mentorship, and events. Code2040 focuses on blacks and Latinos, Girls Who Code focuses on high school girls, and Hack the… Read more »

How to Find a Startup Job That Will Change Your Life

startup job

Quick. Here’s how to find a startup worth working for. Life is too short to be in the wrong place. A friend texted me a couple days ago after reading one of my blog posts. Which felt nice, because I was certain my Mom was my only regular reader. But anyway, he’s super bummed out… Read more »

Don’t Try to Be Zappos When Your Startup Is Young

jenn lim shane green

Shane Green of Resort Rescue and Jenn Lim came to our Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference this afternoon to talk about one thing: company culture. Lim spends her time working for Delivering Happiness, a company that is directly spun off from Tony Hsieh’s book of the same name, and it’s been an interesting journey into companies and how… Read more »

It’s Up to Entrepreneurs to Manage Their Investors

charles hudson bharat vasan

When it comes to the topic of getting funding for your startup, the challenges are endless. Not only is raising a round of funding a long process, but developing a relationship with investors that is beneficial to the company’s growth is also something you have to think about. In a conversation about the intricacies of… Read more »

How to Mobilize Your Network for a Successful Launch


What if you could set up one 15-minute meeting and walk away with a $500,000 investment and a business connection in Silicon Valley? That’s exactly what Mark Zuckerberg did back in 2004 when his associate and temporary roommate, Sean Parker, set up a meeting with Peter Thiel, a hedge fund manager and the co-founder of… Read more »

Talia Mashiach: Don’t Prioritize Raising Money When You Start a Company [VIDEO]


Last month at our Tech Cocktail Chicago Sessions event, we had Talia Mashiach, the founder and CEO of event commerce company of Eved, join us to talk about how she’s ended up on this path towards building a billion-dollar Chicago company. On top of having raised over $11 million, the company client list includes major corporations, including the… Read more »