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Business Strategy and Trends for 2015


The basics of business development will always remain the same. However, with the corporate landscape changing faster than ever before, it is important for today’s entrepreneurs to revise their business strategy frequently. As a smart marketer, you should be able to predict the upcoming changes and revamp your business accordingly.   How to Determine Your… Read more »

Tech Addiction Won This Year’s National Geographic Photo Contest; Tech Addiction Won Over Our Lives

National Geographic Photo Contest 2014

This year, National Geographic received more than 9,000 entries from across the world for its annual photo contest. Renowned for featuring some of the best photography on the planet – from animals in their natural state to depictions of human malaise – the publication holds the annual competition to give photographers an opportunity to get their… Read more »

Invisible Children to Shut Down in 2015: Lessons for Entrepreneurs


This week, the nonprofit organization best known for the KONY 2012 campaign, Invisible Children, announced that it will close its San Diego, California, headquarters and cease operations by 2015. In 2012 they became famous with their campaign to “End a War” in Uganda and find Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a violent Christian fundamentalist group led by Joseph Kony. The… Read more »

12 of the Coolest Tech Kickstarters to Support This Holiday Season

Tech Kickstarters to Support This Holiday Season

Do you know what’s easier than buying physical objects as gifts for Christmas or Hanukkah? It’s even easier than buying gift cards (well, maybe equally easy, since gift cards can be emailed nowadays)! Ok, well, whatever: this holiday season, make life a little less stressful by giving back to some cool tech Kickstarters. Supporting tech… Read more »

14 Startups to Help You Survive the Winter Holiday Season


The winter holiday season is always stressful: from the weather to the wide expanse of time surrounded by family, really there’s no reprieve around this time of the year. I mean, come on, Christmas shopping? What the hell? When did we come up with these things? Is this historical account accurate? Do I blame Santa?… Read more »

Here’s the Hilarious Final Episode of the Serial Podcast [VIDEO]

Final Episode of Serial Podcast

Okay, it’s not actually the real last episode of Serial, but a hilarious parody of the Serial podcast that was created by Funny or Die. Unless you haven’t been paying attention to your personal Facebook feed, or if you’re otherwise isolated from the rest of society in some other way, then you’re probably freaking out about… Read more »

“Carol Of The Bells” Played On Vintage Computers is Epic [Video]

"Carol of the Bells" on vintage computers

Hurray! I found my new ringtone for the rest of the holiday season! What happens when you piece together a composition of the classic Christmas song “Carol of the Bells” using vintage computers that remind me of elementary school (okay, middle school)? You get this awesome video released by The Glasgow School of Art. They broke out… Read more »

Google’s Top Apps, Movies, and Games of 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]


Google’s recently released its review of the top apps, movies, music and games of 2014. Titled “2014: The Year in Entertainment”, Google pieced together and ranked the most downloaded items from the Google Play store. Many of those listed on the Google top apps infographic aren’t surprising (with things like Candy Crush Saga and Facebook… Read more »

Beauty and Cosmetics Data Startup Poshly Partners with People Magazine on New Digital Platform


Poshly, the New York City-based startup that leverages consumer enthusiasm for giveaways into valuable data for the beauty and cosmetics industry, has announced a partnership with People, the premier resource for celebrity news, photos, style, and entertainment coverage. The beauty startup and entertainment publication are working together on a new data driven digital channel that will… Read more »

Your Website is the Best Way to Boost your Business with Lead Generation


Every company should have a well-defined marketing strategy which is as effective and thorough as possible. However, just as the market evolves, so does marketing and its techniques. One new technique is lead generation, a marketing technique aiming to generate consumer interest or inquiry on products or services from a business. These leads are often made with… Read more »

The Sickest Drums in Metal is This Guy on His iPad [Video]


Who needs a drumset when you can learn how to play a killer drum set on your iPad? Technology is making it easier for people not only to learn unique skills on-the-go, but also save on space and money. Watch this guy killing it on his digital drums.